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XZXperience is basically the stock ROM with added graphical enhancements of Jelly Bean which means that you would be running the official stock firmware but would be enjoying the eyecandy of Jelly Bean.


XZXperience ROM Features:

  • Based on XTXperience
  • JB Audio Effects
  • JB Backup Restore
  • JB Clock Widgets
  • JB Conversations App
  • JB Liveware Manager
  • JB Location based Wifi
  • JB Music Widget
  • JB On/Off Tools Widget
  • JB PhoneBook App (Bug free)
  • JB Photo Widget
  • JB Radio App
  • JB Recent Calls Widget
  • JB Album App
  • JB Clock App
  • JB Movie App
  • JB Walkman App
  • JB Phone App
  • JB Photo Editor App
  • JB TV launcher
  • JB Smart Contacts Widget
  • JB Social Engine
  • JB Social Engine Widgets
  • JB Connectivity Center
  • JB Music Slide Show
  • JB Photo Analyser
  • JB Play Anywhere
  • JB Xperia Link App
  • JB International Keyboard
  • JB Themes
  • JB Lockscreen
  • JB Lockscreen wallpapers
  • JB Ringtones and Notifications sounds
  • JB framework, Switchs, Buttons, …
  • JB New backgrounds
  • JB Tab ‘n’ Grid SystemUI

Developed by: niaboc79

Official ROM Website: Download Now


Devoted writer, enjoys developing code. Appreciates excellent food, exceptional coffee and great company. He is also into sublime design and nicely built cars.

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