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Super Nexus promises original Anroid experience to non-nexus non-google devices and on Nexus devices it promises a advaneced experience. Super Nexus takes lot of it’s optimizations from CyanogenMOD and also AOKP. It also is super light which means it doesn’t include any sort of bloatware.


Super Nexus ROM Features and Details:

  • Fully Deodexed
  • Zipaligned APKs
  • Rooted (Super SU)
  • BusyBox Installed
  • No 3rd Party App
  • ZERO Bloatware
  • Android Source Code vastly improved and optimized (i.e. Bionic, Dalvik, Webkit, Framework, libcore, SQlite etc)
  • Official Jelly Bean Bootanimation (From Official Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1.1 Factory Image)
  • Init.d Support
  • Bash & Nano Support
  • Native SIP/VOIP Support
  • HSPA+ Support
  • OpenVPN Support
  • EXT4 File System Optimizations
  • Boot Animation Performance Enhancements
  • Galaxy S III Device Settings as an App
  • Huge APN & SPN List
  • Naver-Fonts Support (Will greatly increase Korean font readability)
  • Extended Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery & Download Options)
  • Device Hardware Information (Settings>About Device>Hardware Information)
  • Tweaked Progress Spinners Values (Silky Smooth Loading Spinners)
  • Allowed Any File-Type To Be Downloaded
  • Allowed Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources By Default
  • Disabled Data Roaming By Default
  • Improved Scrolling Cache
  • Reduced Boot Time
  • Options for switching between USB Mass Storage and MTP/PTP (On Specific Devices)
  • WebKit Highly Improved and Optimized (Ultra Smooth Browsing)

Developed by: Faryaab

Official ROM Website: Download Now


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