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Sungsonic ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 Stock firmware from Samsung. It is geared towards the people who want all the new and latest tweaks but the similar stock look and the reliability of official firmware. It’s long list of features will surely satisfy everyone’s need.


ROM Features & Details:

  • Upgraded To Latest Android 4.2.2 Build P3100XWDMJ1
  • Completely De-odexed and Debloated
  • Complete Muiltiwindow With Unlimited Floating Applications including Pin icon and re sizable Feature
  • File Manager,Sms& Mms ,Active app widgets form Note3
  • Note-3 System Audio
  • AGNi OC kernel with Boeffla Tweaks & CPU Boost Drivers…
  • Busy Box 1.3
  • Asop 4.3 Email & Calender application
  • Note-3 Voice Recorder
  • Completely Redesigned Settings application With Sungsonic Settings
  • Adrenaline Engine With Adrenaline Boost
  • V-6 Super Charged Via Ultimate Jar-power Tool
  • Zip-align
  • Nano
  • Smart Stay
  • Smart Rotation
  • Smart Pause
  • Increased Legibility
  • High Touch Sensitivity ( Can be operated while wearing Gloves)
  • Reading Mode
  • Complete PIE Control
  • Gesture Every Where
  • Light Effect on Unlock Screen
  • Modified Ripple Effect on Unlock Screen with Increase in intensity Of Water
  • Transparent Status-bar,Notification Panel,Pull-down Menu Can be done in one click.
  • Optimized Battery Performance
  • 14 Ready Made Quick-toggle Themes Can be applied in Single Click.
  • More Than 41 Battery Icons inbuilt in System with Charging Animations
  • Center Clock & Custom Text In Status Bar +Two Line Date & Day Display.
  • Color of All Elements In Status Bar Can Be Changed Asper Users wish.
  • Custom Carrier Lable In Both Lock Screen & Status bar Pull-down.
  • All Rotation angles Can be enabled
  • Recent Ram Bar with Circle Theme
  • Scrolling Cache Disabled.
  • Cal Recording Features Can Be Enabled.
  • 4-Way Boot With Screen Shot Button
  • X-posed Framework
  • X-Posed App Settings
  • 100% Gpu Rendering to Use 2d hardware Acceleration in Applications
  • Ram Optimization
  • Z-ram can Be activated up-to 500mb on each core and swap of 256 Mb Pre-Activated
  • Loop Smoothness Tweaks
  • SD card Read Write Speed Optimization
  • Sqlite Optimization
  • Net Speed & DNS Tweaks
  • Darky Zip-align
  • Increased Range of Entropy
  • Build Prop Tweaks
  • Super User By Koushik Data & Chainfire any one Can be Selected In Aroma.
  • HTC System Fonts.

Developed by:Adi.
Official ROM Website:Download Now


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