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Slim Bean is based on Android Open Source which means their would be not Touchwiz hence increasing the overall performance of the device. It is based on Android 4.2.1 and combines CM/AOKP together which is always a plus. The detailed feature list gives us a idea how diverse this ROM is.

Slim Bean ROM Features and Details:

At the time of writing, Slim Bean custom firmware came with the following features:

  • AOSP upstream
  • Change NavBar height and width on the fly
  • Moveable Navbar
  • Power widgets brightness slider
  • Manage multiple QS tiles instances order
  • Add Chronus widget (thanks CM)
  • Add Ram Bar to recents panel
  • Lockscreen widgets auto maximize
  • Lockscreen hide usability hints
  • Removed Settings from Gallery
  • Improve sound tile in Quick Settings
  • Fix log spam: Failed to open
  • Change reboot button tile behavior in power widget and quick settings
  • Lock screen portrait carousel animation
  • Sound to vibration conversion toggle

Developed by: Nebucatnetzer

Android Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

Official ROM Website: Download Now


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