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Sanity ROM is created by a developer who has mutual feelings with the end user. That is the stock is too bloated with too much useless features. This ROM removes them, makes performance better and combines the CyanogenMOD features we adore and love to bring fort a beautiful combination.

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ROM Features & Details:

  • CM11 features as of 07.12.13
  • Bricked Kernel features as of 07.12.13
  • No more log entries from E/PowerHAL( 511): touch_boost: failed to send: No such file or directory
  • Linaro tollchain used for build
  • Krait-CPU optimized Compiler Flags
  • KitKat Icons
  • NavBar Customization
  • Art fix to run almost every app (e.g. Whatsapp)
  • Dimmer Backlight possible
  • Auto brightness customizable
  • Complete BusyBox(Desktop like) support which is needed for KControl
  • No mpdecision and thermal-engine-hh
  • Completely Odexed
  • CM Voice Plus
  • Expanded Desktop

Developed by: larphl
Official ROM Website:Download Now


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