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Paranoid Android ROM Features and Details:

At the time of writing, the list of features that are added to Paranoid Android custom firmware is:

  • Chose your statusbar style, regular PhoneUI, Nexus7-PhabletUI or a combined TabletUI systembar. Choose from a variety of toggles and toggle layouts, switches, holo-buttons, toggles or icon-text-toggle rows.
  • Get a ton of features on top of Cyanogenmod’s catalogue. Dabble with opacity, see-through options, eventualy colors, etc.
  • Our images and graphics are made by a dedicated artist,
  • Hybrid mode is the heart and soul of paranoidandroid. Forget tablet mode or build.prop changes! Hybrid mode will not break your phone, your apps, your market, nothing will shrink or become unusable. Entire parts of AOSP have been rewritten to make this possible, you will not get anything like it anywhere, this is the only rom on Android capable of these things.
  • Hybrid mode means you can control the size and the actual layout of any app individually. Keep in mind, apps bring their own layouts, they will display according to your device. That’s why apps like gmail, settings, youtube, camera, chrome, etc., transform completely when you run them on a tablet. This rom allows you to choose whatever layout you like best, we don’t fool around with DPI, we extract the actual layouts from your apk’s and you select them with a tap. Apply and you’re done. No reboot necessary. You can target anything: apps, system components, widgets, launchers, keyboards, statusbars, lockscreen, etc.
  • Finetune your workspace or apply hybrid settings to all your apps if you don’t like to set them up individually. Individual settings will still override this so you can still get the look you want.
  • For ease of use you can access hybrid properties in your recents view, this will allow you to quickly review changes. Basic things like recents, toggles, etc. have been made usable across all UI modes.

Developed by: 1ceb0x

Official ROM Website: Download Now


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