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MoKee OS ROM is an Open Source aftermarket firmware based upon the Android platform. At the time of writing, MoKee OS supports Android 4.4.2 source. It includes a extended feature list containing mods from Cyanogen and many others.


ROM Features & Details:

  • cLock Lockscreen and Homescreen widget
  • HALO 2.0
  • PIE control (PA)
  • Calendar with lunar and solar calenders
  • Lunar calendar in lock screen
  • Task switching sidebar in recent apps (the list will increase if you install supported apps)
  • Bulk SMS recipients
  • Adjustable SMS font size
  • Smart dialing
  • IP dialing
  • Adjustable navigation bar height
  • Custom transparency for status bar and navigation bar
  • Ad-Hoc peer-to-peer network connection Use MoKee’s built-in kernel, otherwise the function is not available.
  • Built in timer in Apollo determine when to stop playing music
  • CRT animation switch
  • Custom operator name
  • Network speed in status bar
  • Preview option in launcher (similar to the preview function in launchers found in Play Store)
  • Permissions Manager
  • MoKee NotePad
  • ListView animations
  • global time refinement
  • localization optimization and adjustment
  • smart dialing optimization
  • Volume Rocker Wake
  • Split QS actionable area

Developed by: x10forevers
Official ROM Website:Download Now


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