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Liquid Smooth ROM for the Asus Nexus 7 is based on Android 4.3 sources. The main aim here is to provide the smoothest and reliable experience on the Nexus 7 ever but with one condition, that is keeping all the latest features and MODs working. It has a slightly edited UI but with the same Holo launcher that we all love.


ROM Features & Details:

  • Google 4.7 GCC Toolchain
  • O3 Strict-Aliasing & ISO C++11 Mode
  • ARM Optimized String Handling Routines
  • Linaro and Code Aurora Optimaztions
  • Customizable lockscreen buttons/sliders
  • Chronus clock widget
  • Customizable hardware and software keys
  • Transparent navbar and status bar
  • Customizable navbar ring
  • Navigation bar widgets
  • Customizable power menu
  • Notification power widget
  • Customizable quicksettings panel
  • Statusbar mods
  • Theme engine
  • Quiet hours
  • Volume rocker music controls
  • Full Rotation
  • Customizable battery and notification light

Developed by: liquid0624
Official ROM Website:Download Now


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