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HellKat ROM for the Galaxy S2 is based of CM 11 sources. A main difference between HellKat and CM is that HellKat is compiled Linaro Toolchain which makes HellKat much faster. It also contain a Red holo launcher theme rather then the Blue on black.


ROM Features & Details:

  • Kernel version 3.0.101 Compiled with LINARO 4.7.4
  • I/O schedulers CFQ, BFQ, ROW, NOOP, DEADLINE, SIO, VR, and ZEN
  • Governors Intellidemand, InteractiveX, Ondemandx, Lazy, Wheatley, Smartass, Badass, Lionheart, HYPER, Samsung and normal Stock options too.
  • CPU OC 1836 MHz
  • GPU OC to 320 MHz for 3D & 266 MHz 2D
  • MSM_Mpdecision (non-stock) Showp1984
  • Thermal Showp1984 Keeps your phone from overheating while Overclocked.
  • Fsync Toggle “Turn it off for better performance but be aware that you may encounter data loss if your phone crashes”
  • USB Fast Charge
  • Sweep2Wake
  • Voltage Control
  • Frandom Lag Reducer
  • Smaller sized kernel due to XZ compression
  • IO Boosters
  • Frontswap Support
  • Fixed Annoying Bluetooth Wakelock
  • CD Rom Emulation (Use DriveDroid or something similar)

Developed by:ThdDude
Official ROM Website:Download Now


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