This CM 10.1 build is based on Android Jelly Bean. These builds are in a nightly stage which means by every passing day there is a build with improvements and fixes. All CM features are included in this build including fixes for the devices.


ROM Features & Details:

  • Fix keyboard crashing on non-NEON devices*1
  • Fix Google Now crashing on non-NEON devices*2
  • Restore hot-word detection in Google Now for non-NEON devices*2
  • Fix GTalk video chats crashing on non-NEON devices
  • Check for low-system space, install in /data/gapps if there isn’t enough space*3
  • Remove AOSP Calendar.apk if Google Calendar is present*3
  • Photosphere support is installed by default, create a file called “.nogooglegallery” on the SD card (legacy recovery) or internal storage (CWM6 or TWRP2) to override

Developed by: Steady Hawking
Official ROM Website:
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