Clean Inheritance ROM for Asus Transformer – Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

Clean inheritance ROM is based on stock and it’s developer targets the people who want a tuned yet customizable ROM with great efficiency. It is true stock, which means it has no overlaying themes or such.

Clean Inheritance ROM Features:

  • DEODEXed version available. ODEXed coming soon.
  • Aroma Installer with the following options:
  • Locale: US or WW
  • DPI Size: 160 (TF300 recommended), 180, 200, 213 (TF700 recommended), 224 or 240
  • Kernels: Clemsyn’s 1.8ghz OC Kernel variants, _that’s 1.8ghz OC Kernel variants or that’s ASUS Stock Kernel
  • Launchers: Stock, Apex , Nova, JB 4.2 Stock, ADW, Go Launcher HD
  • Boot Animations: Stock, Nexus 7
  • File Managers: Stock, ES File Explorer
  • Google Apps : Multi DPI Play Store, News & Weather Genie, Gmail, Maps, Talk, YouTube, Google Now and Voice Search, Google Music, Street View for Maps, Document Viewer, Gallery, Picasa
  • Asus Apps: File Manager, App Back Up, App Locker, My Cloud, My Net, SuperNote, Video Editor, Web Storage, My Frame, My Dictionary, Splashtop, My BitCast, My Library (Asus Reader – only works on 240 DPI), Screen Saver, Asus Live Wallpapers
  • Asus Apps Removed: Press Reader, Vibe, Zinio, CM Client, DM Client (calling home apps)
  • Misc Apps: ESFile Explorer, Adobe Flash, AdAway, Titanium Backup, DropBox, DSP Manager, Rebooter, Hulu Plus – The old hacked version.
  • File system and performance tweaks!
  • Init.d support!
  • Zip align on boot!
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Auto Brightness reconditioned (Brighter at lower light levels for IPS+)
  • Multi DPI Play Store
  • Browser performance tweaks (Extra menu with OpenGL Rendering, Light Touch and CPU Upload Path enabled)
  • Browser2RAM (Default Browser and Chrome version)
  • Scroll Caching Disabled for smoother in app scrolling
  • Fsync Disabled option for extreme speed!
  • Seeder Entropy Generator Patch option for those who want to try it!
  • LagFix app – needs 10 mins to work its magic.
  • Google 4.2 JB Swipe Keyboard

Developed by: sbdags

Official ROM Website: Download Now

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