CivZ FLEX BEAM ROM is based of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Samsung Firmware. It aims to provide the best performance on a custom ROM. With customization tweaks and also under the hood mods it truly provides a great experience. Being based on stock, you don’t loose your integrated S Pen functionality.


ROM Features & Details:

  • S-Pen alignment optimization and new hover pointer for more accurate drawing.(Changing included kernel will break perfect alignment as the kernel got also a fix)
  • MiniApps enbled and framework modded so it works correctly (Terminal command is needed to activate it)
  • Multi User support (Max 4 users) enabled in framework (See important info)
  • Home/Recent button in statusbar (Longpress = recent apps) inspired @ soloilmeglio
  • Extra system settings: Root / ViperFX / Nandroid Backup / OTG helper ( please don’t delete these apps or you will get ForceCloses )
  • 4Way reboot
  • NavigationBar with softkeys (disabled by default), (use terminal command to switch)
  • Phablet MultiWindow (default) or Tablet MultiWindow (use terminal command to switch)
  • 23 Different battery icons ( Changes icon without reboot – Settings/Display/Battery Style) @ Ghareeb
  • Root SuperSU 1.65
  • Init.d Tweaks: Zipalign new apps on reboot / GPS lto update / Battery
  • BusyBox 1.21.1
  • CSC hidden features enabled: Browser version info / Camera shutter sound / System Update removed / …
  • ViperFX support
  • NTFS / FAT / FAT32 & EXFAT support (With included kernel SpherEngine)
  • Advanced user changes:
  • Terminal commands to enable/disable layout and features ( Info see Terminal commands)
  • Zipaligned & Deodexed

Developed by: civato
Official ROM Website:
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