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AT&T stands second to the international Galaxy S2, It is pretty much left out from the spotlight of developers but that is no more with this Captivating ROM you wont feel sad about your phone but would be happy that you have bough it. It is based on latest hellybean which means it comes with all it’s features.


Captivating ROM Features:

  • -All hellybean features
  • plus
  • -adblock hosts file
  • -updated animations
  • -Sony Xperia-esque theme
  • -Sony Xperia Z Launcher by ra3al (Modified by me to work with stock widgets)
  • -Sony Xperia Z Widgets( recent calls, friend’s music, notes, clocks, top contacts, toggles, animated weather)
  • -Sony Xperia Facebook Sync (birthdays, events etc sync to calendar)
  • -Sony Xperia Top Contacts
  • -Sony Xperia Notes app with Evernote sync
  • -Sony PlayStation mobile store
  • -Sony select store
  • -Updated system application icons
  • -Tweaked Memory management
  • -Tweaked GPS
  • -Tweaked for improved Battery Life
  • -Decreased lag when play store apps are installing(as much as possible on single core device with dalvik and I/O tweaks)
  • -Sony Bravia engine 2(sharper Photos and Videos)
  • -Sony xloud + HTC Beats audio (use dsp manager and poweramp to fully appreciate it)
  • -Inverted Play Store
  • -Inverted Youtube
  • -Better multi-tasking
  • -Load 3D intensive games and return to the home screen
  • without redraws
  • -File explorer added
  • -Framework updated(every component themed, on/off switches themed)
  • -noticeable performance boost over stock
  • -mms app themed
  • -xperia videos added
  • -xperia gallery added
  • -xperia walkman with widget added
  • -tv streaming app
  • -restore from google account works
  • -faster app switching
  • -iphone animations by default
  • -system apps zip aligned
  • -xperia wallpapers+wallpaper pack
  • -power saver app
  • -xperia battery widget
  • -xperia jb keyboard with swipe
  • -visualizerer
  • -oom of home app permanently set to 0 to prevent it being killed during multi-tasking
  • -friend’s music widget
  • -old gb progress bars are blue

Developed by: sephhi

Official ROM Website: Download Now


Devoted writer, enjoys developing code. Appreciates excellent food, exceptional coffee and great company. He is also into sublime design and nicely built cars.

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