Here is the complete process on how to unlock OnePlus Nord bootloader. OnePlus is one brand that is trusted by Android enthusiasts all over the world. Their latest Nord flagship, offered at a competitive price with respect to its hardware, is definitely going to be another success among developers and power users. And, to use it to its full potential with all existing mods and custom ROMs, owners would be looking to unlock OnePlus Nord bootloader immediately right after they receive their unit.

Bootloader unlock is quite a fundamental mod as it allows users to flash over custom software on their phones. Further, it also enables manual flashing of official firmware files hence allowing for update installation way before your device gets it over the air. All in all, OnePlus Nord owners will definitely benefit from the bootloader unlock. Moreover, we have a complete step by step guide available ahead to unlock OnePlus Nord bootloader, making it more easier to implement.

Unlock OnePlus Nord Bootloader

How to Unlock OnePlus Nord Bootloader

OnePlus supports bootloader unlocking officially so users don’t need to fret about third-party tools and tricky procedures. For the whole process, all you need is a your OnePlus Nord, a USB cable and a computer configured with ADB / Fastboot. Chances are, you would already have ADB configured on your computer so its just a matter of following the steps ahead.

It is important to keep few things in mind before actually implementing the steps to unlock OnePlus Nord bootloader.

To Remember:

  • This unlocking bootloader tutorial is only for OnePlus Nord. Please don’t try this on any other variants.
  • This tutorial has been performed on Windows, but anyone familiar with Fastboot on Mac or Linux can perform this as well.
  • Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding as it will erase all data.
  • You will void your warranty by unlocking the bootloader.

Configure USB Drivers

First section of the guide revolves around setting up USB drivers. OnePlus Nord makes use of propierarty USB drivers that users need to install on their computers for proper recognition of their device. More, since we will be using ADB to unlock OnePlus Nord bootloader, these are essential for the utility to interact with the phone.

To install and configure correct OnePlus Nord USB drivers, view our following article: Download OnePlus Nord USB Drivers.

Bootloader Unlock on OnePlus Nord

Now that you have made sure that your computer is configured with proper USB drivers, here is the complete unlock process:

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK / Fastboot and install all the USB drivers. How to set up? Read detailed instructions here: How to Set Up ADB / Fastboot with Android SDK.

Step 2 – Connect your phone to your computer.

Step 3 – Open up ADB command-line on your PC and make sure your device is recognized by entering the following command. Make sure you allow the computer on your device. The result should be a device ID.

adb devices

Step 4 – After your device shows up, enter the following command.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 5 – The phone should boot into bootloader mode, from there, enter the following command. (This will erase all your data, as we previously mentioned.)

fastboot oem unlock

Step 6 – After the process is complete reboot your phone, if it doesn’t do it automatically.

That’s all to it! Your phone should now boot up with an unlocked bootloader. Since the bootloader unlock initiates a factory wipe, you would have set up your OnePlus Nord just as it arrived out of the box.

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