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COD Mobile Season 9 is being developed in full force as indicated by the latest updates that have arrived to test users. Right after Activision announced Season 8 as a stable update for all gamers, the brand’s developer team immediately shifted its focus to Season 9. Despite the official release being still some time away, there is a public test build out right now. Through this COD Mobile Season 9 test server, signed up users can test out upcoming features, tweaks and updates before others. If you missed your chance to sign up, don’t worry as we will be explaining all the latest updates that have arrived in the new COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale mode right here.

COD Mobile offers gamers various modes to play through. Popular ones include Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch. To make the game relevant and offer users new incentives to play, Activision is always adding new content and shifting around features. The latest Battle Royale update carries new guns, some map tweaks and class updates — all that users were requesting and looking forward to.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 BR Mode

COD Mobile Season 9 Test Build Battle Royale Updates

There are some interesting new updates coming to Battle Royale mode with COD Mobile Season 9. Divided into logical headings, here is all that’s new in upcoming Season 9 BR mode:

Map Updates

At the beginning of Battle Royale round, COD Mobile Season 9 would now display names of each drop area. Further, colored text will highlight the tier of loot. Plain white denotes normal tier while other colors denote higher tiers.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale Updates - Map Tweaks, Guns and More 11

More, new drop locations have been added: Domitory, Outpost, Radar Base and Camp.

Loot Updates

The loot system is also getting updates in new Call of Duty Mobile Season 9. From changes to gun attachments to new mods, a lot has been tweaked.

New Attachment System

Prior to Season 9, gamers used to get gun attachments from loots. That is no longer the case as now guns will come pre-attached with various attachments directly from the loot.

This way, gamers would get better guns right when they pick them up from the loot.


There is a new Mods system being introduced in COD Mobile Season 9. These will replace the attachments in the loot and provide additional performance to your gun.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale Updates - Map Tweaks, Guns and More 12

There will be various Mods card available on the loot floor to improve your gun performance.

Armor Plate

In Season 9, Gamers will be able to loot armor plates that will recover their lost armor.

Ammo Naming Scheme

Season 9 will simplify all ammo pickups into simpler categories: Heavy, Sniper, Light, Shotgun and Rockets.

New Guns

Season 9, as anticipated, will bring in new guns to the Battle Royale mode. BR players can now play with ICR-1, KN-44, HVK-30 and QQ9.

Weapon Loadout

Battle Royal users would now be able to set different loadouts within the game. Further, in each BR round, they can get their very own loadout from an Airdrop. However, each Airdrop will carry only one loadout.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale Updates - Map Tweaks, Guns and More 15

New Battle Royale Class

Increasing the class options, there is now a new Hacker class available for Season 9 gamers. This class offers two new components that are referred to as Ice Pick and Hard Wired.

  • Ice Pick
    • This will black out all the maps of nearby enemies along with disabliing the use of gadets.
  • Hard wired:
    • Countering ice pick, with hard wired, the gamer’s map would not be blocked by interference and won’t be detectable by the enemy.
Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale Updates - Map Tweaks, Guns and More 16

This is all that is new in COD Mobile Season 9 battle royale mod. As we inch closer to official launch, we are expecting to see more changes as well so stay tuned for latest updates!

Download COD Mobile Season 9 Test APK 2

We previously covered the first COD Mobile Season 9 test build. This is the followup to that. It carries all the new features we discussed previously.

Keep in mind, this build will work for users who signed up for the test program.

COD Mobile Season 9 Test Build 2

App Details

App Size1.6GB

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale Mode (Test Build 2) Screenshots


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