Follow this procedure to install PUBG on Huawei phones and devices that come without Google Play Services and Play Store. Popular Battle Royale game, Player’s Unknown BattleGrounds is a massive hit among all gaming enthusiasts. Free on the Android platform, users can download PUBG directly on their devices and play with their friends. If you own a Huawei device that is shipping with AppGallery and no Google Services, here is how to install PUBG on it.

Fundamentally, Huawei’s new Android phones run the same software as any other Android device but with the exception of Google Services. These additional services are propietrary to Google and in recent events, Google has stopped providing licensing to Huawei. However, as Android remains Open Source, Huawei can still utilize the latest version of that. Making use of this fact and Android’s ability to install an APK file manually, we will install PUBG using the official website. For the complete how-to, continue reading ahead.

Install PUBG on Huawei Phones

How to Install PUBG on Huawei Phones without Google Play Store / Services

Huawei’s AppGallery covers a large variety of app listings but PUBG, unfortunately, isn’t one of them yet. To get it installed, we need to resort to downloading the latest APK from the official website.

The complete process has been broken down into simpler steps, make sure to read them all before implementing.

Step 1 – First, head on to Player Unknown’s BattleGround website: (we recommend opening the link on the phone you want to install PUBG on as it would skip the process of transferring APK from computer)

Step 2 – On the top-right of the webpage, you should see a download button. Tap that and then tap on Download.

Step 3 – The APK file is considerably large so wait for the download to finish.

Step 4 – Once you have the file downloaded, tap on the APK to install it. Your phone would ask proper permissions so allow those.

Step 5 – The Android Installer wizard would now let you install the app, tap on install.

Step 6 – Once you confirm, PUBG will begin to install on your device.


Once installation is complete, tap on the Open button on the bottom to enjoy PUBG. Or click on Done and use the app shortcut to launch PUBG manually.

How to Update PUBG on Huawei Phones

Another thing that you need to make sure of is app updates. After you install PUBG on your phone, AppGallery would not be able update it automatically. Rather, you would need to open up the app and launch it download updates.

There might be some update release where you would have to download the APK manually, for that, you can follow the same steps again. This time round, once you install the new app, your data will be carried forward.

We hope all worked out well with installing PUBG on your Huawei phone. If you have any questions or queries, reach us below.


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  1. Thanks for the tips on how to play pubgm on latest huawei phones. But can i still logging in with my google account? Or i need to create a new account? Please reply fast! Thanks!

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