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Huawei’s newest Y9s phone is just starting to hit the markets, if you have bought one, use this tutorial to learn how to take full 48MP high-resolution photos. One of the more sought after features of Huawei Y9s is its main 48MP camera. Allowing for sharp, high-dynamic range photos, it is a large upgrade over the last 16MP sensor on Y9 Prime 2019. To save space, by default, Huawei Y9s captures photos at 12MP resolution. In order to scale that to true 48MP, here are all the steps.

In recent phone trends, we have seen many brands fit in a 48MP camera module on their new phones. While the higher MP count surely is beneficial, but brands don’t really capture at full resolution. One reason is, down-scaling delivers practical sharpness and conforms to many standards being used by apps and storage. However, rather than disallowing users from taking 48MP shots, here is how to do it on Huawei Y9s.

How to Take 48MP Photos with Huawei Y9s 11

How to Capture 48MP Pictures with Huawei Y9s

For this procedure, no modification or installation is needed. It is just a matter of finding the right setting and mode.

Step 1 – Open up the Camera app.

How to Take 48MP Photos with Huawei Y9s 12

Step 2 – On the bottom, you should be seeing various modes and at the end, there should be More. Tap on that.

How to Take 48MP Photos with Huawei Y9s 13

Step 3 – From the various modes now being displayed find and select Pro.

Step 4 – Once in Pro mode, tap on the gear icon up top.

How to Take 48MP Photos with Huawei Y9s 14

Step 5 – Within this menu, you should see a tab for Resolution. Select it.

How to Take 48MP Photos with Huawei Y9s 15

Step 6 – From here, tap on 48MP.

How to Take 48MP Photos with Huawei Y9s 16

That’s all to it! Now, from Pro Mode, you can capture full-res 48MP photos from your Huawei Y9s.

We have the Y9s with us for our complete review, if you are interested in more content or have any questions for the phone, reach us through the comments.

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