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Download Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / CC9 Pro Official Wallpapers

From here, download all the official wallpapers shipping on new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 directly to your phone, tablet and other devices. New Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (For China, the official name is Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro) has a rear block of five cameras, one of which is 108 megapixels. DxOMark has already placed the new product in first place in the ranking (along with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro). It also has a low price and almost the most capacious battery in the history of the brand.

The back of Mi Note 10 is made of glass with a glossy paint-job. However, Xiaomi has worked hard to make it fingerprint resistant and strong enough to be carried without a case. The device has a front notch for the camera but other than that, the display is pretty close to the edge. Internally, the phone has a Snapdragn 730G chipset — which falls beneath the premium chip range and 6GB of RAM. For the price, there is a lot of value. You can immediately enjoy all the wallpapers from the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / CC9 Pro in high-res through the download link ahead!

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Wallpapers / CC9 Pro

These wallpapers form one of the most beautiful collection of backgrounds available. There are digitial designs along with beautiful, high-res photographs. All of the wallpapers are best for modern generation phones with 19:9 ratio. For others, you can easily crop without losing quality.

Download Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / CC9 Pro Official Wallpapers

You can download any one of them from the ahead attached gallery or download all in a single ZIP file using the link ahead. Each wallpapers have a resolution of 1080 × 2340.

If you want to download all the wallpapers at once, you can use the single ZIP file attached below.

Download: Xiaomi_Mi_Note_10(CC9)
File size: 26.19 MB

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