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How to Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T is now available to purchase in various markets. If you have gotten yours, here is how you can remove or hide notch on your new OnePlus 7T. While not a replacement for OnePlus 7 Pro, the new 7T offers competitive pricing along with flagship hardware. Also, unlike the Pro, presumably to save costs, OnePlus 7T comes with a Notch-ed display. The notch houses the front camera and also makes way for the front earpiece. If you find this hardware aspect of the 7T annoying, you can hide the notch using these simple steps.

In recent flagships, we have seen brands either go for a hole-punch or a movable front camera to avoid integrating a notch into the design. However, these solutions are more costly and haven’t really made their way to budget devices just yet. Still, Notch 1.0 — as we call it — prevails. Gladly there is a software modification that you can do to hide the notch and for that, we have mentioned the steps ahead. No root or system modification is required for our procedure.

Hide Notch, OnePlus 7T

Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T

Unfortunately, OnePlus hasn’t included a stock setting for users to hide notch on their phones and for this reason, we will be using a third-party app. Through Nacho Notch app, a simple black border can implemented up top that is exact same height as your notch.

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We have put together a guide with screenshots to help you install and set up the app properly.

Complete Steps:

Follow the easy instructions below to get rid of and hide notch on OnePlus 7T:

Step 1 – Download Nacho Notch app from the Play Store.

How to Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T 10

Step 2 – The app would be running in the background when it would be enabled so grant it proper permissions.

Step 3 – Now, to use the Hide Notch feature, just pull the Notifcation panel down twice to edit it and tap on Edit button on top. On some smartphones, it would have a gear icon or something similar to represent editing options.

How to Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T 11

Step 4 – From the available toggles, drag the Hide Notch toggle to the active toggles panel.

How to Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T 12

Step 5 – Now, just tap on the toggle to remove Notch.

How to Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T 13

Step 6 – Some users might notice that the black borders implemented by the app are not round. To enable round bezels, just find the Nacho Notch app shortcut in your app drawer and tap on it. From the list of two options, slide the Enable Rounded Corners slider.

How to Hide Notch on OnePlus 7T 14

That’s all there is to it! You should now have hidden your OnePlus 7T notch. If you want to revert back, just disable the toggle from the notification pull down.

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