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How to Schedule YouTube Notifications on Android – Scheduled Digest

Here is how you can easily schedule YouTube notifications on your phone. Sick of the random alerts and want to see everything from your YouTube feed at a scheduled time? YouTube has developed a sophisticated “Scheduled Digest” feature that prevents warnings from being repeatedly generated on your device. With the new function enabled, you can set all notifications to arrive at any fixed time. Ahead, we have the complete steps explained along with screenshots.

Scheduled Digest basically combines all your notifications into a single digest and notifies you at your preferred time. Therefore, you can see all the alerts from the channels you subscribe to, videos you may want to catch up, comments and other activities on your own channel, and more. Once you start with this nice feature, you will not be bothered by multiple annoying notifications!

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It’s not that difficult to schedule YouTube notifications. If you follow our guide ahead, you will easily be able to configure and schedule all notifications on your phone from YouTube.

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How to Schedule YouTube Notifications

Follow the steps below to schedule YouTube notifications:

Step 1 – Launch YouTube app on your Android phone then tap on your profile picture

Step 2 – Among the given options, select the Settings option

Step 3 – Once the settings are open, scroll to find Notification

Step 3 – Next Up, turn on the switch next to “Scheduled Digest“.

To set the specific time to retrieve the scheduled digest, you must tap this section. Now, the option to adjust the delivery time should be displayed.

Step 4 – Next, select your custom delivery time and then tap OK.

Tip: If you do not want to receive notifications of certain things, turn off the switch next to them. There is also an option to disable noise and vibration during the hours you specify. Simply turn on the switch and then tap Set the clock . When done, tap OK to confirm the change.

That’s done! From now on, the app will send you a daily notification at your desired time.

When you tap the notification, the YouTube app opens, and you are taken directly to the Activity tab. There you will see the list of notifications of the past day.

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