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Found Google Assistant useful but annoyed by all the unnecessary emails? Here is how you can disable Google Assistant email notifications / updates or even, enable them. If you are one of those who use Google Assistant on a daily basis, you would probably already have taken advantage of controlling your smartphone directly through your voice. As Google is always interested in relaying useful information back to users, it uses custom emails to notify about you new happenings or general information. To disable this feature from Assistant, continue reading ahead.

Google Assistant has a large collection of settings and options. From everything related to interaction to what Google should do with the data it saves from our conversations. It is convenient to be aware and clean the history from time to time. Further, it also allows users to either opt in or out of email notifications. Continue ahead to find the exact setting.

Disable Google Assistant Notifications

It is not that the assistant will cover the mail tray with advertising or news that does not interest you, but you may not want any communication from it. By default email notifications / email updates are usually activated in accounts that use Google Assistant, so it is worth knowing the setting and deactivating it. This way you won’t leave a possible hole for spam.

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Disable Android Assistant Email Notifications

To remove email communications from Google Assistant you just have to do the following:

Step 1 – Open up Google Assistant on your Android phone by tapping on ‘G‘ icon on Google Search Widget or opening the Google app.

How to Disable Google Assistant Email Notifications / Updates 11

Step 2 – From the bottom menu, select More.

Step 3 – Now, in the More menu select Settings.

How to Disable Google Assistant Email Notifications / Updates 12

Step 4 – From here, select Google Assistant.

How to Disable Google Assistant Email Notifications / Updates 13

Step 5 – Once you tap on Google Assistant, you will be able to view the following options. Tap on Email Updates.

How to Disable Google Assistant Email Notifications / Updates 14

Step 6 – Just disable the slider switch to disable Assistant Email updates!

How to Disable Google Assistant Email Notifications / Updates 15

With these simple steps you will have cut mail notifications from Google Assistant. This way Google will not send you news related to the assistant. Disabling these email notifications won’t effect other crucial email alerts such as security updates about your account — they will continue to arrive normally.

We hope you were able to implement the procedure easily. If you ran into problems, reach us on through our social handles: Twitter or Facebook.


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