Are you thinking of buying a new Smart band or Fitness band? You have reached the right page as here we have ranked some of the best smart bands available on the market right now. Smart bands are a partner accessory that help in tracking fitness goals, health stats and more. A smart band is certainly not an indispensable object but still allows you to trace your physical activity to a minimum hence allowing for a greater knowledge of yourself and your well-being.

Here, in this post, we have decided to list down all the best smart bands so you can make a knowledgeable decision as to what fits you best and serves your needs the most. We have also divided the proposals for smart bands into two main sections, with display and without display, even if the latter are now limited to fewer models.

Best Smart Bands, August 2019

Smart bands that have made it to this list have been judged according to several very important aspects. First of all, we have evaluated the quality / price ratio, since these are generally cheap devices, it is not necessary to spend particularly high amounts to have a great product. Further, it must be remembered that ahead listed devices are categorized as Smart bands and Fitness bands, hence they will have a strong focus on tracking movement and other stats rather than displaying notifications like smart watches.

Best Smart Bands of August 2019

Here is our list of some of the best smart bands available right now:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Best Smart Bands / Fitness Bands to Purchase in August 2019 10

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the latest evolution of a successful Xiaomi series. It is the first of the series to use a color AMOLED screen, further improving quality. Despite this the autonomy is high and can reach 20 days, although it is possible to change it by changing the brightness of the screen. We find the heart rate meter, notifications much more readable thanks to the higher resolution and numerous watch faces. The many possibilities related to fitness remain, with the usual absence of GPS justified by an amazing price.

Amazfit Cor 2

Best Smart Bands / Fitness Bands to Purchase in August 2019 11

After the great success of Amazfit Cor, the Chinese company Huami presented Amazfit Cor 2, characterized by a more rounded design and greater attention to detail. We have a 1.23 inch IPS touch screen (80 x 160 pixels), heart rate monitor with continuous measurement, display of cell phone notifications, tracking of physical activity, stopwatch, timer, alarm and weather forecasts. Thanks to the 160 mAh battery the autonomy can reach 20 days and the rubber strap guarantees an excellent fit.

Honor Band 4

Best Smart Bands / Fitness Bands to Purchase in August 2019 12

Honor Band 4 is a smartband dedicated to sports lovers at 360 degrees. Compared to the previous model, it has a very bright 0.99-inch AMOLED screen. We find the TrueSeen technology capable of monitoring the heart rate 24 hours a day and True Sleep, to improve sleep analysis.

Once again the certification is available for use in immersion up to 50 meters, with the possibility of measuring swimming sessions. The autonomy can reach three weeks, even if activating the sleep analysis it goes down to 7-10 days.

Samsung Fit e

Best Smart Bands / Fitness Bands to Purchase in August 2019 13

Not to be confused with the big sister Galaxy Fit, the new Samsung Galaxy Fit and stands out for the low price that puts it in direct competition with Xiaomi Mi Band 3, leader in this price range. We have a 0.74-inch PMOLED screen with 64 x 128 pixel resolution, a 70 mAh battery, heart rate meter and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, to ensure good autonomy. Only the GPS is missing, but at this price it is difficult to ask for more.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Best Smart Bands / Fitness Bands to Purchase in August 2019 14

The third generation has an AMOLED screen of 0.95 inches, and has a rich array of sensors. In fact, we find a six-axis accelerometer, an infrared presence sensor, a PPG-type cardiotachometer, a GPS receiver and numerous software functions.

The battery guarantees up to 20 days of autonomy and the smartband can be used in water up to 50 meters deep. The software provides information on recovery times, VO2 Max value and sleep quality, thanks to the collaboration with Harvard Medical School.

Of course this is a selection of the best smart bands, divided by price range, according to us, but we are open to every kind of comment and report in the box below. Feel free to suggest a device that you think can be added to the guide!


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