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How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on MIUI 10

If you own a MIUI 10 device, here is how you can use Picture-in-Picture mode to view media while executing other tasks. Basically, with PIP mode, the software displays a video in a small rectangular pop-up which can be manipulated anywhere on the screen. Through this feature, you can view a video while using your phone normally at the same time. For us, this is a great feature especially for large phones like Xiaomi’s Redmi 7.

Different from split-screen, through Picture-in-Picture mode, your phone screen remains the same as it usually is, just that, there is a pop-up playing on top of everything. You can open apps, close them and navigate without the PIP video interrupting. This comes in really handy when you want to watch something yet still utilize your phone to reply to messages or use other apps.

Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on MIUI 10

Before we get into the process of actually utilizing Picture-in-Picture mode, we first have to make sure it is enabled. For that, follow these steps:

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode

Step 1 – Open Settings app and browse down till you see Additional Settings, tap on it.

Step 2 – From the options, select Privacy.

Step 3 – From this menu, tap on Special app access.

Step 4 – You should be able to see Picture-in-picture option listed, tap on it.

Step 5 – From here, select your desired apps that you want to work in PIP mode.

Watch Video in Picture-in-Picture Mode

Now to watch a video in PIP mode on your MIUI 10 device, just start watching your desired video in any of the supported apps. Go full screen and while the video is playing and the play/pause options have gone away, just go to home-screen and you would notice the video go into Picture-in-Picture mode.

NOTE: Despite YouTube being supported by PIP, you need YouTube Red subscription to use the feature. To work around this, you can view YouTube in Desktop Mode in Google Chrome, go into full screen and then go to home, you should notice the YouTube video pop-up in PIP mode.

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