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Download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 APK – Team Deathmatch Mode

Here download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 APK with new team deathmatch mode. PUBG Mobile has various game modes including special events and arcade. With the new update, deathmatch is also being added on. The new PUBG update 0.13.0 has a download size of 1.98GB for Android and 2.45GB for iOS. This new game-play mode emerges on top of existing game modes of PUBG mobile such as Quick Match, Godzilla Special events and other events. The new mode will also feature Survive Till Dawn mode under EvoGround section.

Absolutely, this new team deathmatch mode is inspired from PUBG’s competition. Further, PUBG initially did not intend to have a deathmatch in their gameplay, so maybe this step is taken after user feedback. Popular in FPS games, deathmatch is basically where a number of players will take on other teams with auto-spawning after every time they get eliminated. Games like Counter Strike have seen immense success due to this mode alone and we are glad to see PUBG stepping up and adding it to their mobile version.

PUBG 0.13.0 APK

PUBG mobile will let people to chose FPP and TPP mode to battle out against other teams. There aren’t any specialized maps for deathmatch mode so existing maps will be utilized. As users anxiously wait for Call Of Duty to arrive on mobile, this new PUBG update will surely increase its overall appeal with FPS shooting game lovers.

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There are various other changes as well which we have listed ahead.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 APK

Download the PUBG Mobile’s latest APK file from the given link:

Download: PUBG_0.13.0.apk

What’s New in PUBG 0.13.0

Here is everything thats new with PUBG in version 0.13.0.

  • Added Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround. This new mode features fast-paced firefights in both FPP and TPP. Players can also create their own rooms with room cards.
  • Added control settings for FPP. Players can now have separate settings for FPP and TPP.
  • Upgraded 3rd party app detection system and enhanced detection of cheating behavior via Virtual App, emulators and modifiers.
  • Added MVP showcase system at the end of each match. All players will receive a default MVP pose. The top 3 players in Classic mode or the MVP of the winning squad in TDM will be featured.
  • In Vikendi, players will now leave footprints, trails and tire tracks on snow.
  • Added a dedicated button for climbing that can be enabled in the settings.
  • When killed bv friendly fire, now plavers can decide if the teammate should Iose merit or not.
  • Added a Godzilla theme. Godzilla themed lobby background will be available together with many themed events and rewards after the update.
  • Added new popularity gift and ranking reward. Every Week, the top 100 players in the list may collect the title All-time Popularity or Recent Popularity.
  • Added Charisma Ranking. The permanent outfits and firearm/vehicle finishes collected by a player will increase their Charisma.

Now enjoy new Team Deathmatch on your PUBG mobile. In the comment section, tell us how is the gameplay of this updated version.

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