Step 10 – After Odin completes the flash, disconnect your smartphone from PC. Now proceed to hold Power button and Volume Down button to exit Download Mode. As soon as the screen turns off, start holding Power, Volume Up and Bixby button. This will lead you to recovery mode.

Step 11 – Use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select. From the menu select Wipe Data / Factory reset and then confirm.

Step 12 – After its done, you can select Reboot from options and confirm. When the screen turns off, again hold Power, Volume Up and Bixby button but this time you should stop holding them as soon as you see Bootloader warning screen, let go.

Step 13 – The phone will boot and reboot automatically. Once you finish the setup, you should see Magisk Manager app installed on your phone. Open it. Be sure to have WiFi / Internet connected. If you don’t see Magisk Manager, just install it using the APK.

Step 14 – There would be extra few steps will Magisk Manager app will explain how to do, complete them. After that the phone will reboot.

That’s it! You should now have a rooted Galaxy S10 / Galaxy S10+ device. You can go to MagiskManager app to verify.

To make sure you have correctly installed the above root method and it’s working, verify with Root Checker as given in the link.

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Have fun playing with it! If you have any issues, please fire them up in the comments below!

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