WhatsApp stickers have been rolled out for both Android and iOS users, however, there are limited numbers of WhatsApp stickers for now. Here’s how you can create your own custom WhatsApp stickers packs. WhatsApp stickers have just started to roll out for smartphone users and it should be noted that WhatsApp stickers pack was one of the most awaited feature as its competitors such as Messenger, WeChat and more have been offering stickers for a long time now. WhatsApp has published 12 stickers pack for its users, however, you also have the liberty to download third-party apps or third-party stickers pack to WhatsApp. This guide will focus on how to setup your own stickers for quick use within WhatsApp.

Moreover, WhatsApp is currently allowing users to make their own custom stickers pack and send them in chats. This option is also powered by third-party apps and here’s a detailed guide on how to create your own custom stickers packs and start sending personalized stickers to your contacts. With this guide you will be able to create your own custom stickers for WhatsApp.

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Creating custom stickers is a great way of getting your mind off from the same old boring stickers. It will work best for the devices which has pen support like Samsung Galaxy Note series. Follow the guide below that we have provided to create your own custom sticker for WhatsApp.

Create Your Own Custom Stickers for WhatsApp

Making custom stickers is very easy. Just go through the each step and create your own custom sticker.

Step 1 – First download the app called Sticker maker for WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and launch once installed.

Download: Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Step 2 – After launching the app you will see an option “Create a new stickerpack“, tap on it.

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Step 3 – Give a name to your sticker pack and then give author’s name to let everyone know who created those stickers.

Step 4 – Now tap on the sticker pack you created to add some stickers. As this is you’re first time, there will be no stickers in your sticker pack yet.

Step 5 – Tap on the first box and take a picture or select a picture from the gallery. The first box on the top is the tray icon and it will not show in the sticker pack.

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Step 6 – Once you’ve selected the picture/image, your the finger to crop the picture without lifting it up. After cropping the picture select Yes Save Sticker button.

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Step 7 – You’ll need to add at least three stickers other than tray icon to publish your sticker icon.

Step 8 – After you’ve done adding the stickers, tap on Publish Sticker Pack button than tap on add button

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Step 9 – Go to WhatsApp and enjoy the sticker you created.


You have now created your custom stickers for WhatsApp. Drop a comment below and share your experience with us.


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