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How to Book an Uber, Lyft with Google Assistant

Here is how you can use voice commands to book an Uber or Lyft ride with Google Assistant. At first, Google Assistant was designed primarily as a voice-based helper. However, after making its way to phones, smart displays, and other smart devices, utilities offered have increased by quite a large amount. The biggest change you’ll see is generally larger and more prominent images and new touch-based settings and sliders for adjusting things like smart home devices, the latter of which seem to be inspired by the UI found in Google smart displays. One key functionality we will look at within this guide is how to book a ride with Google Assistant — basically, Assistant will use services like Uber and Lyft to complete the request.

Google Assistant is continuously evolving and the commands it recognizes are increasing as well. Users can now talk more fluently with it and expect a more natural response than what we saw in Assistant’s early ages. Further, thanks to Google’s continued effort in building Assistant as a part of Android, almost all modern smartphones ship with this service installed, you just need to enable it. Read ahead to find which steps to follow in order to book a ride with Google Assistant.

How to Book a Ride, Google Assistant

Once you get the list of ride services, then you have to tap on your preferred service, or if you have the already installed the app on your phone, it will open up. The feature is also available on Google Home speakers. After asking Assistant to book you a ride, you will have to look at your phone to see prices and wait times.

How to Book an Uber or Lyft Ride

Booking a ride with google assistant is not that difficult, just follow the steps below to book a ride with your Google Assistant.

Step 1 – Tap and hold the Home button of your phone to activate Google Assistant.

Step 2 – Now, Say “Hey Google, book a ride to…” complete the sentence with the location you want.

Step 3 – Google Assistant will now automatically book a ride to your specific location.

Book an Uber, Lyft

It is a great feature to use on your Google Assistant. Do tell us how this new feature is working out for you by dropping a comment below

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