Download Google News 5.5 – New Dark Mode Added

There is a new Google News 5.5 app version out that carries built-in dark mode UI and users can update to it manually, with the steps ahead. Google News service, this year, received a fundamental upgrade. On top of getting a dedicated News Android app, Google has integrated Artificial Intelligence to sort through all the news being published on the internet and bring you the stories that you want to read on. As for the News app itself, Google has recently unveiled a new revision which brings in the much asked for Dark Mode. Once enabled, the News app will shift its main white colors to black and vice versa. This is really helpful for reading at night. If you are looking to update to Google News 5.5, read ahead to get the complete APK file which you can instantly install.

Dark themes are becoming more and more popular these days. Thanks to AMOLED technology, these themes not only look cool but also help to save battery as when displaying blacks, AMOLED pixels shut off. Google, recently, has been revamping a lot of its stock apps — such as Google Calendar — in terms of design as well as features like Dark Mode. These updates are official and being rolled out through Play Store. However, if you don’t have Play Store installed or you can’t seem to fetch the new update through it, you can use our manual guide ahead to download Google News 5.5 with Dark Mode on your smartphone.

Download Google News 5.5, Android APK

Google News 5.5 – What’s New?

The main change with Google News 5.5 is the latest Dark Mode. Users can go to Settings > Dark Theme and then choose when to apply the theme. Having set up our system UI as dark, we immediately went to keep the app always in dark mode. Otherwise, users can also opt for certain times when to enable it such as in the evening as well as set a time for it to return to normal theme. Or, the News app can detect if your phone is in battery saving mode and if it is, it will automatically switch to Dark Mode.

Here you can view detailed Screenshots:

Download Google News 5.5 APK

Google Play Store has been updated to most recent 6.0 revision but not all devices will be able to access it as it is a phased roll-out. To work around that, simply download the app from the link below and manually install it.

File: Google-News-5.5.apk
Size: 10.17 MB

How to Install Google News 5.5 APK

Step 1 – Download Google News APK:

File: Google-News-5.5.apk
Size: 10.17 MB

Step 2 – Locate the APK you just downloaded on your phone and open it to install it.

Step 3 – If you are installing an APK directly for the very first time, you would be notified to enable “Unknown Source” setting. If not sure about this, we have written a tutorial. See link below on where to find this setting.

NOTE: Screenshots are just for reference purposes, your UI might slightly defer.

Download Google News 5.5 - New Dark Mode Added 15

Step 4 – After enabling, tap on the install button at the bottom right.

Step 5 – Once installation is complete, the wizard will display the following status. Tap on Open to go straight to the app or on Done to close wizard and manually start the app from its shortcut.

That’s all to it! You can now enjoy the latest UI update of Google Calendar on your Android device.

For any reason if you find this guide difficult or are having troubles, do consult our dedicated guide on how to install APK files on your Android device here: How to Install Android APK Files Manually.

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