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How to Watch Apple iPhone XS September 2018 Event Live Stream on Android

All eyes would be on Apple today as they set themselves to launch the next major iteration of their popular iPhone smartphone. For us Android users, it is always good to see what innovation comes out across the pond and how it stacks up against current Android flagships. For starters, this time around, rumors are indicating that there will be at least 2 different smartphones being launched under the “X” name. Last year, Apple went ahead and introduced a new, revolutionary design with no iconic home button at the front. Continuing from that, they are set to improve on it today. For users tuning in from Android phones, ahead is a perfect guide that will let you watch Apple iPhone XS event live stream directly on your phone — when it starts at 10am PDT.

Due to Apple relying on their own proprietary codecs, Android devices aren’t directly eligible to livestream from Apple’s websites. Don’t worry, we have just the work around! There are two key routes on watching Apple’s September 2018 iPhone event live. One, you can install VLC player and use that or second, use a browser that lets you imitate an iPhone. For convenience, we have both listed right ahead. Also, you can get the official iPhone XS Wallpaper downloaded right now.

Watch iPhone XS September 2018 Livestream on Android

How to Watch Apple iPhone XS Announcement Event Live Stream on Android Devices

A very simple method. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Download VLC Player from Google Play Store and install it on your phone/tablet.

Step 2 – Open the VLC Player app.


Step 3 – Tap the “Open network stream” button from the top right corner.


Step 4 – Copy/paste the following URL in that text box:

Step 5 – And now tap the Open button.


That’s it. The above mentioned URL will start working on your phone/tablet as soon as the Apple iPhone event will start.

Alternatively, you can also try to change the user-agent of your web browser (from Dolphin Browser) and visit the Apple website for the live stream of the event. How to do that? Continue reading below.

How to Watch iPhone 2018 Launch Live Stream using Dolphin Browser

Step 1 – Install Dolphin Browser from the Play Store.

Step 2 – When you open the browser for the first time, you will find some easy access bookmarks waiting for you. The design is also quite minimal and flat. You need to click the Dolphin button found at the bottom center.

Step 3 – After you touch on the icon, another Menu will pop up. Click the gear icon on the bottom right.

Step 4 – By default, it would take you to the General settings tab. Swipe right to Advanced and click on User Agent.

Step 5 – From the resulting pop-up, you should choose iOS. Once done, you can return to the main app and follow the following URL:

That’s it! After performing these steps, you would be able to watch Apple iPhone XS 2018 keynote live stream straight from your Android phone/tablet.

If you have any difficulties or any queries please comment below and we will try to help out straight away!

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