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Play Fortnite Android with 60 FPS High Settings

You can play Fortnite Android on your device with high 60 FPS setting by reading our tutorial ahead. The popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite, made its way to Android as a Beta this month. While initially, it remained exclusive to Samsung devices, it is now finally available for a wider range of devices. Unfortunately however, the game-play for Fortnite is a mix-bag. Some high-end devices are running the game quite smoothly while others are facing issues. To address this, some keen reddit users have found a work around that increases performance. Read ahead to find out how you can run Fortnite at 60 frames per second on your Android smartphone.

Talking a bit about the process itself, there is a Settings file that the game stores and reads every time it is launched. Within this settings file, there are a lot of options which users can enable, fine tune and enhance. As we are focusing on performance, we will be tackling the settings that effect graphics and frame rate. Continue reading for complete details on how to have Fortnite running at 60 fps.

Play Fortnite Android at 60FPS

How to Play Fortnite Android with 60 FPS High Settings

The basic principle for better performance on Fortnite Android is to fine tune the game settings manually. While the game itself has options for multiple graphics settings, they are pretty vague and range from low to high. With this procedure we will be targeting specific options. Also, with this modification, you wont be actually modifying anything that is not allowed by the developers so there wont be an issue of getting banned from servers.

Here is the complete procedure broken down into complete steps. We recommend reading the whole guide first before implementing it.


Step 1 – Download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Open ES File Explorer and grant it root permissions.

Step 3 – Now, browse to the following directory:


Step 4 – Open the GameUserSettings.ini file.

Step 5 – Find the following settings and set them as declared below:


bShowGrass=False #optional



Step 6 – Reboot your smartphone or just relaunch Fortnite if it is already running.

That’s pretty much all to it! Your Fortnite gaming experience should now have been vastly improved.

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