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Here is a detailed article showing how users can install Android Pie notification panel immediately on their current Android device. Along with loads of other new features, Google revamped the overall notification panel in its latest Android 9.0 Pie release. Thankfully, this new style has been ported for use on older Android revisions by developers at Treydev Inc. Using the new Power Shade app, you can immediately apply the latest Android Pie notification panel on your current smartphone.

On top of getting you the latest Android Pie design and style, through this utility, you can customize it even further to make it your own. The mod supports different layouts, color options and extra toggles. Also, to access all basic functionality, you don’t need to root your device but if you do have root, the app provides extra features. Read right ahead to implement Android Pie notification panel.

Android Pie Notification Panel

Android Pie Notification Panel: Power Shade App Features

As we said before, the Power Shade app carries loads of extra functionality. Here are all the features you would be getting with this clever mod:

  • Full color customization: Take the base layout and color all the elements to your taste.
  • Powerful notifications: Get it, read it, snooze or dismiss.
  • Quick reply: Reply to your messages as soon as you see them. For all Android 5.0+ devices.
  • Auto bundled: Tired of that one app that spams you notifications? Now they’re all grouped together, for easy control.
  • Notification card themes: Android P inspired.
    • Light: your ordinary notifications
    • Colored: uses the notification’s color as the card background.
    • Dark: blend all your notifications with a pure black background (great on AMOLED screens).
  • Quick settings panel
    • Choose a different color for the background or foreground (icons) of the quick settings panel.
    • Change brightness slider color.
    • Choose your own profile picture to be displayed in the shade.
    • (Pro) Change quick settings grid layout (ie. number of columns and rows).

How to Install Android Pie Notification Panel

Follow these steps to install Android Pie notification panel via Power Shade app.

Step 1 – Download Power Shade app through the Play Store or through following the APK link ahead. Don’t know how to install APK files? Read: How to manually install Android Apps.

Download: Power_Shade.apk

How to Install Android Pie Notification Panel on Any Android Device 15

Step 2 – Open up the app and slide the black bar saying Not running.

How to Install Android Pie Notification Panel on Any Android Device 16

Step 3 – Now, grant all the permissions required one by one. Once you click on a certain permission, the app will automatically take you to the right Settings menu from where you can enable that permission.

How to Install Android Pie Notification Panel on Any Android Device 17

Step 4 – Once all permissions are set, the new notification panel would be implemented and the slider should say Running.

How to Install Android Pie Notification Panel on Any Android Device 18

Step 5 – As Android Pie has an option to change to a darker notification panel color, tap on Colors option from within the app to tweak.

How to Install Android Pie Notification Panel on Any Android Device 19

That’s pretty much all! You should now be running Android Pie notification panel on your smartphone. We suggest you play around with the customization options present within the app to find the perfect look. Also, stay tuned to this space for further Android Pie coverage!

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