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Android 9.0 Pie: Release Date for Android Phones

This is a complete list of phones and tablets with their Android 9.0 Pie release dates expected to arrive soon by different OEMs. Google recently announced Android 9.0 Pie and with the announcement, the brand has also pushed final code to Android Open Source Project. In development over the past few months, Android P now finally has a complete name and version number. This time around, on top of Pixel smartphones immediately getting Android 9.0 Pie firmware, Android One devices are also slated to receive the update quite soon as well. To make it easier for our readers, we have compiled official Android 9.0 Pie release dates for most Android devices right ahead.

One thing that has always been troublesome for Android, is getting updates through to devices. Except for Pixel, all other smartphones usually see a delay of getting latest software. In efforts to streamline this, not only has Google introduced Project Treble but has a new lineup of Android One devices. These special series of smartphones come with stock Android and the software is directly maintained by Google. If you have bought an Android One smartphone, you should expect Android 9.0 Pie to arrive this fall. Further, if you own any other device, we have a detailed list of release dates of Android 9.0 Pie for various smartphones.

Android 9.0 Pie Release Date for Devices

Android 9.0 Pie Release Date for Devices

Ahead, you can find devices sorted according to their brand name and each brand name is sorted alphabetically. Also, if you don’t find your device listed in its respective brand section, its probably because its out of its software support cycle — device usually 2 years old or more.


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ASUS – Android 9.0 for Asus Phones and Tablets

Zenfone 5 Series – Confirmed, No date yet.

Essential – Android 9.0 for Essential Phones

Essential Phone – Released!

Google – Android 9.0 for Pixel Phones

From the Pixel lineup all devices, except Pixel C are supported. To install the update immediately, read here: Download Android 9.0 Oreo for Google Pixel Devices.

Or, you can directly read our installation guides for each device.

HTC – Android 9.0 for HTC Phones and Tablets

HTC U12+ – Confirmed, no date.

HTC U11 – Confirmed, no date.

HTC U11+ – Confirmed, no date.

HTC U11 Life – Confirmed, no date.

Huawei – Android 9.0 for Huawei Phones and Tablets

Huawei Honor 10 –Confirmed, no date.

Huawei P20 Pro – Confirmed, no date.

Huawei P20  Lite – Confirmed, no date.

Huawei P20 – Confirmed, no date..

Huawei Mate 10 Lite – Not confirmed, yet.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro – Not confirmed, yet.

Huawei Mate 10 – Not confirmed, yet.

LG – Android 9.0 for LG Phones and Tablets

LG G7 ThinQ – Confirmed, no date.

LG V35 ThinQ – Not Confirmed, yet.

LG Q8 – Not Confirmed, yet.

LG Q7 – Not Confirmed, yet.

Motorola – Android 9.0 for Motorola Phones and Tablets

Moto G6 PlayConfirmed, no date.

Moto G6 Plus Confirmed, no date.

Moto G6 – Confirmed, no date.

Moto X4 Confirmed, no date.

Moto Z3 – Confirmed, no date.

Moto Z3 Play Confirmed, no date.

Moto Z2 Force Edition Confirmed, no Date.

Moto Z2 Play – Confirmed, no date.

Moto E5 Play Go Dropped from Support.

Moto E5 Play – Dropped from Support.

Moto E5 Plus – Dropped from Support.

Moto E5 – Dropped from Support.

Nokia – Android 9.0 for Nokia Phones

Nokia 3.1 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 5.1 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 5.1 Plus / X5 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 6.1 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 6.1 Plus / X6- Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 7 Plus – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 8 Sirocco – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 3 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 5 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 6 – Confirmed, no date.

Nokia 8 – Confirmed, no date.

OnePlus – Android 9.0 for OnePlus Phones and Tablets

OnePlus 6 – Confirmed, expected to be out by Fall.

OnePlus 5T – Confirmed, no date yet.

OnePlus 5 – Confirmed, no date yet.

OnePlus 3T – Confirmed, no date yet.

OnePlus 3 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Samsung – Android 9.0 for Samsung Phones and Tablets

Galaxy S9 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy S9+ – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy S8 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy S8+ – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy Note 8 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy A6 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy A8 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy J6 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Galaxy J8 – Confirmed, no date yet.

Sony – Android 9.0 for Sony Phones and Tablets

Xperia XZ2 – Not Confirmed, yet.

Xperia XZ2 Premium – Not Confirmed, yet.

Xperia XZ2 Compact- Not Confirmed, yet.

Xperia XZ1 – Not Confirmed, yet.

Xperia XZ1 Premium – Not Confirmed, yet.

Xperia XA2 Plus – Not Confirmed, yet.

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