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Watch YouTube Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode without YouTube Red Subscription

Here is how to watch YouTube videos by using Android Oreo’s built-in Picture-in-Picture mode. Multiple brands like Samsung had some sort of multi-window implementation for quite some time but it was only Android Oreo when Google decided to patch Picture-in-Picture feature directly into Android’s core hence making it available to a wider range of devices. What PIP — Picture-in-Picture mode — does is, it basically lets users view videos / content in a smaller window while leaving rest of the display for normal usage. This is a much vivid form of multi-tasking on a smartphone as PIP allows for a very basic multiple window interaction similar to desktop Operating Systems. Unfortunately, even though the YouTube app supports this mode, users require a full YouTube Red subscription to utilize it. Gladly, we have a workaround and you can view YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode with the steps ahead.

Older readers will still remember when Samsung used to market Multi-Window as a proprietary feature on its TouchWiz smartphones. A lot has changed since then, and now Android supports a similar version of this functionality within itself. Further, PIP mode is supported by a wide variety apps which include popular ones such as WhatsApp and most Google apps. This guide will focus on showing users how they can watch YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode, without YouTube Red subscription on Android Oreo.

Watch YouTube Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode, Android Oreo

How to Watch YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode

Despite the fact that YouTube app natively supports PIP, it is still not possible to use it without a paid subscription. The workaround ahead will use another PIP compatible app, Google Chrome to let you watch YouTube videos on your smartphone in Picture-in-Picture mode.

Follow the ahead mentioned steps carefully:

Step 1 – Make sure you have Google Chrome installed. If not, install from Play Store.

Step 2 – Open Google Chrome and navigate to

Step 3 – By default, Chrome is set to browse websites in mobile mode. Change the setting to desktop view by clicking on Three Dots on the top right and then check Desktop site tickbox.

Step 4 – Open up your desired video and switch to full screen by pressing the Full Screen button.

Step 5 – Now, simply press home button. Upon pressing, the video should automatically resize to a smaller window. Do make sure the video is playing when you press the home button.

That’s all! You should now be able to use your smartphone normally while having a video playing simultaneously. Reach us in the comments if you ran into any issues or problems.

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