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Improve PUBG Mobile FPS with GFX Tool for Android

Having trouble playing PUBG on your Android phone because of dropped FPS? With this guide improve performance and PUBG FPS using ahead mentioned GFX tool. Android gaming is on fire these days especially when it comes Battle Royal gaming genre. This gaming style has become the top rated trend in Mobile gaming and PUBG is leading the race. However, the app is quite weighty and requires high-end hardware for smooth gameplay. For users experiencing stuttering and low frames, use our guide to improve PUBG FPS with GFX tool.

The main difference between mobile gaming and PC gaming, at the moment, is that PC games are much more stable and optimized hence providing higher FPS along with smooth gameplay but as for Android, these PC ports are not properly optimized. If you are having low frame-rate problem then we have this complete guide that will improve overall PUBG FPS with the help of GFX Tool.

Improve PUBG FPS, GFX Tool

With the help of the GFX tool, which is available on Google Play Store, instantly increase performance of PUBG game on your device. This tool focuses on giving you performance benefits in terms of better framerate / FPS. All you have to do is install GFX Tool and configure it. We have written a simple guide which will help you in configuring the GFX tool so you can get smooth game play.

Download GFX Tool

Download GFX tool from Google Play Store by clicking the link below.

Google Play Store: GFX Tool

How to Configure GFX Tool for Better PUBG FPS

To increase the performance of PUBG on your Android phone just follow the given steps. Before you start the process make sure that your phone is rooted because it will only work on rooted devices.

Step 1 – First download the GFX tool from the Google Play Store on your android smartphone.

Google Play Store: GFX Tool

Step 2 – With the screen shot given below, configure the app. Set all the parameters as they are shown in the screenshot.

Step 3 – Check the resolution of your phone, then down size it to one step for smoother gameplay.

Now you can finally play PUBG without any lag or frame drops. Drop a comment if you need any help.

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