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How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android with Root

With this guide users can switch to Dark Mode on the official YouTube Android app. In terms of design and UI aesthetic, in recent times, users have been hugely attracted to dark color schemes. Be it in Apple’s upcoming Mojave version of macOS or EMUI’s built-in switch to invert colors, users appreciate dark mode wherever they get. As for YouTube, the most popular video streaming service, its official app does come with similar dark mode functionality but unfortunately, Google hasn’t yet given a switch to users to enable it. However, you can have Dark Mode running on your device with the following guide.

Justifying again how important root becomes, using it you would be able to test out YouTube app’s Dark Mode. Once turned on, the app will shift its white colors to stealth gray and along with shifting existing black icons to white ones. Keep in mind, the UI will remain exactly the same just that the color scheme will shift. Do read ahead to have Dark Mode YouTube UI on your device.

Enable Dark Mode, YouTube App

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube App

The only requirement for this guide would be that you should be rooted as the procedure requires to change system values which is not possible through stock Android.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android with Root 9

Follow these steps to have YouTube app running in Dark Mode.

Step 1 – Download and install Preferences Manager app from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – After installation, do open up the app and grant it root permission.

Step 3 – Within the app, now head on to find YouTube app in the list. There are chances YouTube came pre-installed on your device so for that, do enable Show System Apps from the app menu.

Step 4 – After finding the YouTube listing, tap on it to open its XML preference file.

Step 5 – Within this file, search for Dark.

Step 6 – Against your search, there would be two values: app_theme_dark_developer and app_dark_theme, change them to True.

NOTE: If you are unable to see these values, Add them using the app, title them as mentioned before and set them to True.

Step 7 – Now, Save the changes, exit out of the file and app.

Step 8 – Close YouTube and relaunch it.

Once you go on to launch the YouTube app, it should now be running in Dark Mode. Reach us through the comments to let us know which mode you like better.


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