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How to Change WhatsApp Theme without Root

Tired of the same look on your WhatsApp? Learn to change its theme with the tips detailed ahead. Instant Messaging (IM) has been quite popular with users since the age of internet and in recent times, WhatsApp has been the leader in providing this service on multiple mobile platforms. The app has even become a standard for multiple manufacturers as they package this app in right from the factory. However, being Android users, there is a need to modify the general look and feel of the app to make it unique. Previously, doing so required root but with our guide, you would be able to change WhatsApp theme without it.

With billions of users already and still growing day by day, WhatsApp is currently in pole position among its competitors. However, the UI is still leaves much to be craved for. To fix that, just follow the ahead mentioned steps to change WhatsApp theme without having to root your device.

How to Change WhatsApp Theme, No Root

There are already multiple ways with which you can change WhatsApp theme but at the expense of having to root. Generally, if users are not willing to implement root, they are stuck with using stock UI. Not anymore though, thanks to our steps ahead.

How To Change WhatsApp Theme Without Rooting Phone

To change the theme of your WhatsApp follow the step-by-step guide given below.


Before we start a changing the theme make sure have all the prerequisites.

Step 1 – Download EWhats Color app for Substratum through Play Store.

Step 2 – Launch Substratum from the app drawer of your phone. Substratum will display all the available themes installed on your android device.

Step 3 – Form the available list, select “Ewhatscolour” overlay. Then overlay installer menu of the theme will be displayed.

Step 4 – Toggle the checkbox with WhatsApp overlays card from the installer menu of themes.

Step 5 – After toggling the checkbox, the three drop-down menus will be displayed which includes “Interface,” “Accent,” and “Style” will be displayed. Select “Interface” drop-down and choose your favourite colour. Like wise, do the same with “Accent,” and “Style” menus.

Step 6 – Touch the pink paint roller icon located at the bottom-right once you’ve selected everything.

Step 7 – Menu will appear from which you need to select “Build & Enable” Through which, the theme will be installed on WhatsApp.

Step 8 – Now restart your WhatsApp to apply changes to the application.

That’s it, you should now have complete control over your WhatsApp color scheme and theme. Experiment with different colors until you find the best combination for yourself.

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