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How to Get Stock Android Look on Samsung Galaxy S9

Wanted to go the Pixel route but chose the new Galaxy S9? Here are few tips you can use to imitate stock look / Pixel UI right on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. With this simple and easy tutorial, you will be able to make your Samsung Galaxy S9’s UI resemble vanilla Android that you find on Google smartphones. Customization is one thing which lures customers in towards Android and here we have another good example as to why it is so important. Rather than purchasing a brand new phone, you can easily customize your current Samsung flagship to replicate a look as seen on Pixel smartphones and once you decide to revert, you can do that easily as well.

Samsung ships each of its devices with its Samsung Experience UI. Previously referred to as TouchWiz, this skin is a heavy modification to Android’s stock look. Samsung Experience UI doesn’t only effect the colors and icons, rather, this full fledged skin comes with its own unique features such as Multi-Window and more. Despite these added features, some users still prefer the vanilla Android look and for them, we have instructions detailed ahead.

How to Get Stock Android Look on Samsung Galaxy S9

There are few ways with which you can make visual changes to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to make it look totally different from other smartphones but through using root utility. The major problem of rooting your phone for newer smartphones is the fact that warranty becomes void. Fortunately enough, we have gathered ways to modify your Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus without having to implement root.

Get Stock Android Look On S9 / S9+

To make your Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ look like stock Android you’ll have to download some applications from the given links ahead.

Download System Theme

First you have to download the theme called Pixelize that will make your system UI look like stock Android OS. You can download it from Samsung’s theme store which has a lot of themes or you can use the given link.

Download: Pixelize Theme Samsung Theme Store

How to Get Stock Android Look on Samsung Galaxy S9 10

Download Google Dialer APK File

To make your Galaxy S9/S9+ more stock, download the Google Dialer app and make it default dialer. As you will see that the theme you installed will change the look of the dialer so with Google Dialer, it will further enhance the effect. Download Google Dialer from the link below.

File: Google-Dialer.apk
Size: 16.18 MB

Image result for google dialer

Download the File Manager

The file manager that is preinstalled in Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is good but, it does not have the same material design look that gives the stock Android experience. So to make it look like material design, you have to download the MiXplorer File Manager. Download the MiXplorer file manager ahead.

Download: MiXplorer

How to Get Stock Android Look on Samsung Galaxy S9 11


The Messaging Application

There are many companies that make their own messaging application with their unique UI design and Samsung has done the same thing. Those who does not like the default messaging application can always download the Textra SMS from the Google Play Store which is based on Stock Android Messaging application.

Google Play Store: Textra SMS

Galaxy-S9-Stock-Android-Look (6)

There you go! Now, you should have a completely customized Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus that resembles latest Pixel smartphones with its stock UI. We would love to hear about your experience with this look and how it compares with the stock one, in the comments section ahead.

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