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How to Install Custom Fonts on Samsung Phones – No Root Required

This guide takes you through all the instructions for how to install custom fonts on Samsung devices. For each Android smartphone, usually, the manufacturer modifies the UI — skins Android — to make it their devices unique among others. Also, while designing this custom UI, companies use custom font styles. As per official standards, stock Android OS font is Roboto but on Samsung Android phones, they have “Samsung One font“. Thanks to Android’s versatility, you can actually change the font style quite easily yourself. Ahead are steps for how to install custom fonts on Samsung smartphones.

There are many Android users who like to customize their OS without rooting the device like changing the full UI design or changing the system font to make it look different and unique. Right below, we have detailed a way of installing different fonts on Samsung Galaxy devices running stock firmwares. You can now install custom fonts from thousands of options on your phone without any hassle.

Install Custom Fonts on Samsung Phones

Android devices which are rooted, generally, give you more control over the operating system. However, for non-rooted devices, there are still many customization options such as installing new custom fonts. Lets take look on how to install fonts on Samsung Galaxy devices.

How to install Custom Fonts on Samsung without Root

The developer team “teamwing” has provided Android users with different font styles for Android phones including Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The team has created singular APK files to install multiple fonts. These fonts are applicable for both Android Nougat and Oreo. To install these fonts follow the guide below:

Install Fonts for Android Nougat:

Step 1 – First you have to do is to download SamsungSans from Samsung App store on your Galaxy device

Step 2 – Download the font package that you like from the link below

Step 3 – Now all you have to do is to go to your phone settings > Display > Fonts & screen zoom > then select the font you like. Now you have installed the new fonts on your Galaxy device running Android Nougat

Install Fonts for Android Oreo:

Step 1 – Installing fonts on the Galaxy device running Android Oreo is a bit different from Nougat. The first thing you have to do if to do is to install the ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your computer.

Step 2 – Make sure to enable USB Debugging of your phone. If you dont know how to enable it then we have full tutorial on how to enable debugging.

Step 3 – Download SamsungSans from Samsung App Store on your phone

Step 4 – Now download your favorite font from the links below

Step 5 – After installing the desired font, reboot your Galaxy phone

Step 6 – Now launch the ABD and Fastboot driver from your desktop computer and connect your phone via data cable. Make sure to allow the debugging from your phone.

Step 7 – Enter one of the following commands on the command window. Each command depends on your installed package.

  • cmd overlay enable
  • cmd overlay enable
  • cmd overlay enable
  • cmd overlay enable
  • cmd overlay enable
  • cmd overlay enable

That’s pretty much it! You should now have new fonts on your Samsung Galaxy device to choose from. If you are having problems with the steps, just drop a comment below.

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