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With this tutorial, you can learn on how to keep your screen on while using specific apps on your Android smartphones. For most of our general day to day, we resort to our smartphone. It is like all-in-one gadget in our pocket. Further, with millions of applications on Google Play Store available for Android OS, one can do numerous things with a smartphone besides calling and texting. Now, for some of these apps, you might not be giving constant input and rather just reading information, in that case, it is quite annoying when the screen shuts off and you have to unlock your phone again. Unfortunately, you can not set app specific screen timeout settings right through Android but with this guide, you can do so by utilizing an app.

What screen timeout feature does is turn off the screen of a smartphone after a specific period of time when your phone is in idle state to save the battery. You can always change the screen timeout timing through settings but there are some specific applications on which you want to keep your screen on without it turning off until you explicitly lock the phone. Keep reading ahead to know how to keep your screen stay on.

How to Keep Screen On

In original settings of any Android device (smartphone/tablet) there is no option of keeping the screen stay on for a single application. Furthermore, the maximum number of screen-on minutes you get is 30 but this will keep your screen on even on the main screen. In order to keep your screen on for specific application, there is an application called “Keep Screen On” on Google Play Store.

How to Keep Your Screen On While Using Specific Apps

We have provided a very simple guide on how to use Keep Screen On app right ahead:

Step 1 – Download Keep Screen On from the Google Play Store.

Step 2 – After downloading the application from Play Store, launch the app and grant the Usage Access then follow on-screen instructions.

How to Keep Screen On While Using Specific Apps on Android 11
How to Keep Screen On While Using Specific Apps on Android 12

Step 3 – After granting the permission, you will see a list of the installed applications that you’ve installed from Play Store. All you have to do it is just tap on the application on which you want the screen to stay on. You will also see a Pint Sun icon on the selected app.

How to Keep Screen On While Using Specific Apps on Android 13

Step 4 – If you want to set settings for pre-installed applications, tap on the menu icon and tap on “Show system apps” which will show pre-installed applications like “Chrome“.

How to Keep Screen On While Using Specific Apps on Android 14
How to Keep Screen On While Using Specific Apps on Android 15

Now, to test it out, open your desired application and hopefully, the screen will remain on until you lock your device.

Also, to let you know that the app is working, you will see an icon on the top of the screen as well as a full notification in notification bar showing Keeping Screen On when ever you launch the selected application. We’ve tried a bunch of applications and they all worked well. If you have any questions just drop a comment below.


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