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Watch OnePlus 6 Launch Event Live Stream

OnePlus is all set to release all new OnePlus 6 smartphone and with this guide, you will be able to watch the whole event unfold through official live stream. OnePlus, on breaking as many older standards set by other smartphone manufacturers, comes out with two major flagships each year. Just as the OnePlus 5T is set to get replaced, the brand will soon unveil its next major redesigned and rethought smartphone. Fortunately, to experience it all, you can tune into the official live stream with this simple guide.

This time around, the brand has sold tickets to its event launch event in London. As it stands, the tickets are already sold out and it is expected to be a jammed packed evening. Whether you missed the opportunity to buy the ticket or aren’t in London, you can still easily watch OnePlus 6 live stream right ahead. The event is set to start at 5PM BST on May 16th.

OnePlus 6 Launch Live Stream

Watch OnePlus 6 Launch Event Live Stream

The main event is to kick off on May 16 at 5PM BST in London, for which you can watch the complete Live Stream right ahead.

There would also be separate launch events for each major market such as one in India that is planned to be held on 17th May, a day after.

OnePlus 6 Rumors and What to Expect

The OnePlus 6 smartphone has often been teased by the brand itself over the last few months. Further, recently, more renders have surfaced which seem to be official and final. What has been confirmed through these renders is a notch display with minimal surrounding bezels, improved camera and a reworked design which will be featuring glass on the back as well. Nonetheless, for a more detailed run-down of what to expect, do read our article.

We will be covering more details about the smartphone as it becomes official so stay tuned for that. Also, what are your expectations for the new phone? If you have just bought a OnePlus 5T, would you be looking to upgrade? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section ahead.

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