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How to Remove or Hide Notch on Huawei P20 Pro

Learn how to remove or hide notch on Huawei P20 Pro. Just got your Huawei P20 smartphone or contemplating to buy it? Here is a guide with all the steps required to hide / remove the notch on the front of Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. These new 2018 smartphones form Huawei offer some interesting new features along with upgraded internals compared to the older flagship generation. In the design department, major change comes in the form of the notch. In order to shrink bezels, Huawei decided to opt for a Notch strategy that puts this black bar on the top of your smartphone. Annoyingly, this notch doesn’t stretch the whole width but with this guide, you can hide it.

We covered a more generic guide which showed you how to remove or hide Notch on any Android smartphone but with this article, we will target Huawei P20 phones specifically. Gladly enough, Huawei has included this removal functionality right in its software. This means, you would not be required to install an app or even worry about glitches as this option has been implemented at the system level. We have a complete guide for Huawei P20 phones on how to remove Notch display cutout right ahead.

Huawei P20, Remove / Hide Notch

How to Remove / Hide Notch On Huawei P20 Pro

The need for a Notch arises when brands like Huawei decide to put a display on a smartphone that completely covers the front dimensions. However, there are few things on the front which can’t be removed or integrated into the display. This means, manufacturers either shrink the bezels or on the more extreme end, they decide to stick a notch on the center of the device which isn’t pleasing to the eyes. Gladly, Huawei has thought of this and has provided a feature which you can use to hide it.

As discussed, for this guide, we wont require any third-party apps or modifications.

Step 1 – Go to Settings app. You can do this by accessing the shortcut on your home screen or by using the gear button located on the notification pull down.

Step 3 – Once in the Settings options, go to the Display section.

Show / Hide Notch in Huawei P20 Pro

Step 4 – From this section, you need to tap on Notch.

How to Remove or Hide Notch on Huawei P20 Pro 9

Step 5 – From the resulting options, you can choose Default – which enables the notch – but with Hide Notch option your phone will add a black bar to fill out the empty space on the display hence creating a fake bezel which is more pleasing to see.

How to Remove or Hide Notch on Huawei P20 Pro 10

How to Remove or Hide Notch on Huawei P20 Pro 11

That’s all there is to it! You should now have a Notch that is hidden and a phone which looks more pleasant and traditional. If you have any questions, reach us through the comments.

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