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How to Set Up Auto Responses for WhatsApp with AutoResponder App

Here is a detailed yet easy to follow guide on how to set up auto responses and auto replies on WhatsApp. Facebook’s mobile messaging app is continuously growing with more and more users signing up each day. Just as it is growing, managing it has become somewhat cumbersome. For users who are managing businesses through WhatsApp or get enough messages in a day that they can not simply address them all, we have quite a solution! You can easily set up auto replies on WhatsApp with the AutoResponder app. You don’t require root or any modification to utilize the app. Read ahead to get more details about AutoResponder app.

TK Studio, the creators of AutoResponder, have created the best solution to address an overflowing WhatsApp inbox. The AutoResponder bot lets you set up customized replies. Furthermore, this isn’t just a single message reply to all incoming messages, rather you can modify what you send to each incoming message individually. The app also allows for live replies. Simply put, the live replies allow you to add your location, time at the moment a message has been recieved. Below, you can find all the details on how to install AutoResponder app and set it up for WhatsApp.

AutoResponder for WhatsApp, Auto Responses

How to Set Up Auto Responses for WhatsApp with AutoResponder App

We will be using the AutoResponder app from the Play Store to setup auto responses on WhatsApp. Do note that this app is in Beta stage, which means there might be few bugs. Read the step-by-step tutorial ahead on how to install and configure AutoResponder app.

Step 1 РDownload and install AutoResponder app from the Play Store.

Step 2 – After the app is installed, open it and grant it Notification Access.

Step 3 – Confirm the warning to complete granting Notification access to the app.

Step 4 – Return to the app and now, you can set up Auto Responses as you like.

That’s all to it! Now you can set up custom rules which you can modify afterwards. The app has a Pro version which can grant you even more functionality.