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How to Take Screenshots on Nokia 8

The first flagship competitor from Nokia (HMD Global), the Nokia 8, has started shipping to different regions and with this guide, you can find out how to take screenshots on the new device. Coming with a striking design and some bold color schemes, the Nokia 8 features the best hardware available right now. Staying true to what got HMD Global on the map, – the amazingly stock software – Nokia 8 will be featuring a similar UI. There is no extra bloat bogging the phone down. That also results in an easy to use software with no gimmicks. Our guide below focuses on letting users know how exactly to take screenshots on Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 carries a 5.3 inch 2K display with spacing on the top and bottom for sensors and buttons. Even though there is a home button cutout, there is no actual button. Rather, Nokia has fitted a touch sensitive space which acts as a fingerprint sensor as well. Due to this unique layout, the screenshot procedure is somewhat different but don’t worry, we have it listed in the steps given below.

How to Take Screenshots on Nokia 8 9

How to Take Screenshots on Nokia 8:

This one is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take screenshots on your Nokia 8. Just follow these quick steps to take one right now:

Step 1 – Open the application/screen which you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 2 – Now press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

Step 3 – You will see a quick animation and hear a feedback sound that will show that a screenshot was just taken.

That’s it. The screenshot of your current screen is now captured.

BONUS: Capture Screenshots from Quick Settings Panel

Nokia 6 Screen Capture - Take Screenshots

Apart from the usual method of capturing screenshots using phone buttons, Nokia also includes a software method to do it. You can also take screenshots from a tile in the quick settings panel in your Nokia 8. Several third-party apps let you add a similar tile for the same purpose, but Nokia has included it out-the-box.

Step 1 – Swipe down the notifications panel on Nokia 8.

Step 2 – Swipe it once again to see all the tiles in your quick settings panel.

Step 3 – You may have to swipe left to see more tiles.

Step 4 – Tap on Screen capture tile to capture a screenshot and save it to your phone.

— How to Find Saved Screenshots?

It’s very easy to find them. You can go to the Gallery app and look for the Screenshots folder/album. Or manually, you can go to the Pictures > Screenshots folder in your phone memory and check all the screenshots you have taken so far.

We are hoping to have the Nokia 8 with us soon after which we will be sharing detailed thoughts and doing more of these tutorials targeted towards it.

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