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Here is how you can use the Facebook Android (or iOS) app and capture 360 photo on your phone. Facebook rolled out 360-degree photos in the timeline last year, and since then Facebook has been testing new and easy ways to take full 360-degrees photos on your phone. Most smartphones now have a built-in feature in the camera app to capture these full panorama shots, but with the latest addition by Facebook — no camera app needed.

Facebook for Android and iOS apps are now rolling out this feature to everyone globally. You do not need a separate app anymore to capture beautiful 360-degree shots. Just like any other picture, you can easily share the capture 360-degree photos on your Facebook Profile, add it to an album or add as a Cover Photo. That’s right, Facebook has finally added a new feature to cover photos, where you can now use 360-degree photos as well.

Facebook 360 Photo

As per Facebook:

All Pages and Profiles can take a 360 Photo through the Facebook app for Android or iOS and share to a Profile or Page. If you have a Facebook Page, we encourage you to start experimenting with 360 photos to share news, events, and experiences with your followers.

How to Capture 360 Photo on Facebook Android App

These are the quick steps involved on the official Facebook for Android (and iOS) app to look for the 360 Photo option and capture photos.

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Tap the big blue button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select 360 Photo from the list.
  • Point your camera and tap the blue button again.
  • Then turn around in full 360 degrees to capture the image.

Facebook 360 Photo

This is it! It is that easy to capture 360-degree photos from the Facebook app.

NOTE: Previously uploaded panoramas or photo spheres will not convert to a 360 photo from now on. You will have to upload new 360 photos or panoramas now.

Facebook has announced that the 360 Photo feature is being rolled out to everyone, starting today. So if you do not see this option yet, wait a little longer. And make sure you have the latest Facebook Android app installed. The minimum requirements for the 360 Photo feature in Facebook Android app is:

FB Android app v80+

  • Android version >= 4.4, device year class >= 2013

Facebook seems to have added a lot of new features over the last couple of months. Their new Watch platform, updated News Feed with fresh new icons and UI, camera feature updates and added security check options.

You can download Facebook for free from the Google Play Store. For more details, visit the Facebook 360 Photos page.


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