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How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

Read this article to find how exactly you can take screenshots on the newly released Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). As screenshot functionality has been with us since the very first Android smartphone, it is essential it carries forward on newer ones. Due to diversity of manufacturers and hardware, it isn’t possible that a certain screenshot method applies to all. Therefore, we are publishing this guide with the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) being the focus. Samsung tends to include additional screenshot taking methods to make it easier for the user to follow. We have listed them all below for your ease. The one we personally use quite often is the gesture to capture your screen, read further to find out how. For new customers this is the best place to start getting to know more about the Galaxy J3 (2017) and it’s features.

As mentioned previously, Samsung wants similarity for it’s users, so if you are a loyal Samsung customer taking screenshots will be very easy. However, some latest features on phones like the Galaxy J3 (2017) need to be activated before using them. When you do, you would never go back to pushing buttons for a screenshot ever again. We will be covering both in detail right below!

Galaxy J3 2017 - Take Screenshots

Like we mentioned earlier, there are two methods that you can follow in order to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). You can take screenshots by:

  • Hardware buttons
  • Palm swipe gesture

Both of these methods are to make the whole process easy. Pick the one you find the simplest and has less of a hassle.

1. How To Take Screenshot Using Hardware Buttons:

This one is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). Just follow these quick steps to take one right now:

Step 1 – Open the application/screen which you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 2 – Now press and hold the Power and Home buttons together.

Step 3 – You will see a quick animation and hear a feedback sound that will show that a screenshot was just taken.

Easy, eh? Next, we have the cool palm swipe gesture that is even faster to quickly take a screenshot on your phone.

2. How to Take Screenshots with Palm-Swipe Gesture:

This feature has been included in almost all of the latest Samsung TouchWiz phones (i.e. Android phones from Samsung that are not more than 2 years old). In order to enable the feature and use it, we have compiled detailed steps below:

Step 1 – You need to activate the gesture itself before you can actually use it. In order to do so, go into the Settings app and select the Motion menu.

Step 2 – From the Motion menu, find out Hand Motions and then check the Palm Swipe to capture check-box.

Step 3 – Close the settings app, head to the screen which you want to capture.

Step 4 – Here is the fun part — now shape your hand like a knife (your thumb facing up) and swipe across the screen horizontally from either side, edge to edge. If you do it correctly, a swipe animation will trigger and it will save the screenshot.

— How to Find Saved Screenshots?

If’s very easy to find them. You can go to the Gallery app and look for the Screenshots folder/album. Or manually, you can go to the Pictures > Screenshots folder in your phone memory and check all the screenshots you have taken so far.

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