Download Android SDK Tools / Command Line Tools

Full Android Studio installation is always recommended but there are scenarios where people especially developers are interested in using only certain packages such as Android SDK and Command Line tools. Well, for them, Google offers separate packages that can be downloaded and implemented manually. The benefit of command line is the familiarity and more control. Further, if you look at the download size, these tools occupy quite less space compared with the full installation of Android Studio. We have linked the latest Android SDK tools / Command Line tools ahead which you can download and implement.

The Command Line tools exist for users who are quite familiar with the commands and don’t want to familiarize themselves with evolving GUIs. As mentioned, the greater control entices but command line experience also allows you to modify tasks to the very low-level with tags and sorts which are otherwise hidden in the GUI. Lastly, the space savings are also there. Not only does these tools require less offline storage but you don’t need high bandwidth to download them in the first place. Read more to find out download links for Android SDK tools / Command line tools.

Android SDK Tools - Extracted

Download Android SDK Tools / Command Line Tools

As the Android SDK is present on all major Desktop Operating Systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), we have provided links for downloading Android SDK Tools / Command Line tools on all of these.

If you are looking to only install Android Platform Tools (ADB and Fastboot), read: Download ADB, Fastboot Android SDK Platform Tools

To read more about Android Studio 3.0 and Android O, read: Download Android Studio 3.0 Canary Preview 2

SDK Tools Changelog

Following is the descriptive changelog for SDK Tools.

SDK Tools, Revision 26.0.2 (April 2017)

  • Changes:
    When creating an AVD with avdmanager, it is no longer necessary to specify –tag if the package specified by –package only contains a single image (as is the case for all images currently distributed by Google).

SDK Tools, Revision 26.0.1 (March 2017)

  • Changes:
    Hierarchy Viewer and Pixel Perfect tools returned to Android Device Monitor (the command-line versions are still removed, as of revision 25.3.0)

SDK Tools, Revision 26.0.0 (March 2017)

  • Dependencies:
    Android SDK Platform-Tools revision 24 or later.
  • Changes:
    tools/android now attempts to reproduce the functionality of android in tools prior to version 25.3.0 by invoking the new tools.
    All avd, target, and device commands should work as before.
    sdk commands will be translated to similar commands using tools/bin/sdkmanager on a best-effort basis.
    tools/bin/avdmanager now supports the list target command.

SDK Tools, Revision 25.3.0 (March 2017)

  • Dependencies:
    Android SDK Platform-Tools revision 24 or later.
  • Changes:
    Android Emulator is removed from this package and moved to a different SDK directory.
    android avd command-line functionality replaced with new avdmanager tool.
    Obsolete/deprecated tools have been removed:
    ant scripts
    Project and activity templates
    Executables have been moved to bin/:
    Enhanced sdkmanager:
    View and accept all licenses from the command line
    Improved verbose-mode package list

SDK Tools, Revision 25.2.5 (January 2017)

  • Dependencies:
    Android SDK Platform-Tools revision 24 or later.
    Android Emulator bug fixes:
    Fixed a crash on async socket reconnect.
    Fixed a crash on Mac when glDeleteTextures() is called after the corresponding context was destroyed.