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Xiaomi recently announced the Mi Max 2 smartphone and with that announcement, we now have the official wallpaper being showcased on the phone. Xiaomi would be shipping the Mi Max 2 smartphone quite soon to users but before that, you can enjoy the official wallpaper on your current phone. One of the many advantages of Android includes customization and you can truly customize your phone to a great extent. However, all such customization starts with something as basic as a wallpaper and with the Mi Max 2 wallpaper, you would have a good base to work on. Read below to download Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Wallpaper.

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 smartphone sports a 6.44 inch screen which makes it on the verge of being a tablet. Such large screen size allows for greater productivity and a large screen real-estate for apps. However, the resolution of this panel is 1080p which might seem a little bit odd. Regardless, the 342 pixel per inch pixel density would allow for a sharp and crisp experience.

Download Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Wallpaper 11

Download Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Wallpaper

As mentioned already, the screen resolution of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is 1920×1080 so the wallpaper we have is of the same resolution. It is better you try this wallpaper on another 1080p phone or anything lower than that. If you try fitting on a higher res screen, there is a chance of pixel stretching.

If you run into problems, let us know in the comments and we will get back to you.


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