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How to Install Android Studio 2.3 for Android Development

You can now download and install Android Studio 2.3 stable build by reading the full procedure given below. Android Studio is Google’s IDE meant for the development of Android apps. It has come a long way from its initial start. The latest version, Android Studio 2.3, comes with all the modules you need to develop a fully functioning app. The improvements don’t end there, the emulator is now multiple times faster and allows you to test latest versions of Android straight on your computer. If you want to learn how to run Android O developer preview on the emulator, you need to first install Android Studio 2.4 Preview and then read: How To Install Android O Dev Preview on your PC. The procedure given below will show you how to configure Android Studio and have it set up for development.

The changes in Android Studio 2.3 are numerous to say the least. Starting off, Android Studio 2.3.1 now has instant run improvements with subtle UI changes to make for a better experience, there is now support for Build Cache to optimize build speeds. In the design department, You can now use chain and ratios to better design your app. Looking at the emulator, it has the ability to now copy and paste data to and from the system you are running it on. You can install Android Studio 2.3.1 to get to know about all the changes.

Install Android Studio 2.3

How to Install Android Studio 2.3 in 6 Easy Steps:

NOTE: As mentioned earlier, Java tools are to be downloaded and installed prior to installing Android Studio. For ease, the links to downloadable files are given below:

Java Tools: Download here! (From the list, choose JRE and JDK compatible with your system)

Step 1 – You need download the Android Studio 2.3 package itself. It is available right here!

Step 2 – When the download finishes, you will get “android-studio-bundle-162.3871768-windows.exe”. Your file-name may defer due to version differences but it will generally be similar. Run this file by double clicking on it.

Step 3 – Once you extract it, open the resulting folder than guide yourself to “bin” folder and then select the “.EXE” file named as “studio.exe” or “studio64.exe“. The following screen will greet you. Click “Next“.

Step 4 – The next screen will ask you if you want the standard Android Studio install or you want to customize your own settings and choose from a list of components. For the sake of this guide, we will stick with the standard option and click on “Next” then click on “I Agree” on the resulting summary screen.

Step 5 – In the next two screens, it will ask you about the location of Android Studio Installation and if you have opted for Android SDK, it will ask where to install that as well. We stuck with the recommended directories. Click Next and then you will be asked where to put the Android Studio shortcut. Finally, click Install.


Step 6 – Once you do click Install, the setup will proceed to extract all the necessary files. Let it finish extracting. Once it completes the procedure, just click on “Finish“. You have now successfully installed Android Studio 2.3 on your computer!



This was the easy part to get you started with Android development. Next, you will have to complete the download of complete system image for the emulator. Android Studio is relatively easier and more feature-packed than what the old Eclipse IDE used to be.

If you have any problems, comment below and we will get to you as soon as possible.