Step 6 – In TWRP recovery, scroll down to “flash zip from SD card” and press the power button to select it.

Step 7 – Press the Power button again and select “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 8 – Now using your volume keys, navigate to and select it using the Power button. Confirm the installation on the next screen and the installation procedure should start now.

Step 9 – After the installation completes, go to “+++++Go Back” and reboot the phone by selecting “reboot system now” from the Recovery menu. The phone will boot now and it might take about 5 minutes to boot on your first time. So, please wait.

That’s it! Your Galaxy Note 5 is now rooted on Android 7.0 Nougat firmware on your phone! Check for the SuperSU app in your apps list to verify.

To make sure you have correctly installed the above root method and it’s working, verify with Root Checker as given in the link.

Have fun playing with it! If you have any issues, please fire them up in the comments below!

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  1. Karla Carrozzo Reply

    How can you post this? This is wrong!! You are getting people’s hopes up and could possibly cause someone to brick their phone. THE BOOTLOADER IS LOCKED ON AT&T GALAXY NOTE 5!! How can you possibly install TWRP with a locked bootloader???? Obtaining root is not the problem. No one has solved the locked bootloader issue. Do some research!!!

  2. Brandon LaFond Reply

    TWRP Recovery is not available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for AT&T or Verizon; the bootloader is locked on the SM-N920A (AT&T) and SM-N920V (Verizon).

  3. Brent Ashurst Reply

    Which TWRP version should we use? Could be I’m blind, but I didn’t see anything in the linked TWRP tutorial that indicated which version should be used for SM-N920A.

  4. this is a horrible tutorial. You don’t have any links posted for the files…

  5. Steven Allee Reply

    The SM-N920A has a locked boot loader and this method does not work except to update the n920a to nougat 7. The boot loader is still locked and will not install twrp.

    • So there’s no way to root the phone. Or you found some other options to do this?

  6. I’m already on N920AUCS4EQH1 which is like the 4th update of 7.0. I’m guessing there is no way I can go down to N920AUCU4EQC6

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