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HOW TO: Run Android Apps on Mac OS X with Andy

This tutorial will show how to run Android apps and games on your Mac OS X (macOS) computer using Andy Emulator. Android is the world’s most popular operating system right now. It has grown big, that it has even beaten Windows PC users recently to take the top most position. Google Play Store on Android is filled with millions of apps that you can install and use on your Android devices. But why just on Android phones and tablets? One of our favourite Android emulators for Mac now allows you to run Android apps and games on your MacBook / iMac.

We have already covered how to set up Android Studio with Android 7.0 Nougat for your PC, but that set up is very basic with no extra drivers support. First of all, it doesn’t come pre-installed with Google services, which means no Google Play Store. There are tips available on how to get that done, but you may still run into problems. These problems with Android games and apps arise due to compatibility issues. This is where emulators like Andy come in and let us enjoy Android apps on the computers. To run Android apps on Windows, read our BlueStacks guide.

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A lot of users do not own an Android device, but still they want to play games. Similarly, users with a budget Android device may not be bale to install graphics-intensive games on their phones due to storage limitations or GPU. Andy let’s you enjoy Android apps and games on a big screen of a laptop / monitor.

Run Android Apps on Mac OS X with Andy

Andy lets you play your favourite apps and games from the Google Play Store on your Mac. Not just the regular apps or games, you can even run communication apps like WhatsApp, Viber or Snapchat. It is an alternative free emulator to Bluestacks, which is widely used for running Android apps on a computer. Andy provides a much better interface with more features and is easier to use and set up.

Our favourite feature is device sync, which lets you sync your phone applications with your Andy installation on the computer. This way, you can use your phone apps on Mac OS X.

We will look into the steps now on how to install Andy and set it up for your Mac OS X to run Android games and apps.

Step 1 – Download Andy for your Mac. [Mirror]

Step 2 – Load the DMG file and you will see a similar window as show below.

Step 3 – Follow the on-screen instructions and install Andy on your MacBook / iMac or other Mac OS X computer.

Step 4 – Once successfully installed, you will see a screen to the one below.

Step 5 – Now go to your Applications folder and look for Andy. Double-click on it to start.

Step 6 – Once all the services have started and the system has booted up, you will see a similar home screen as seen below. This shows everything went super smooth and you are now ready to use Andy / Android on your Mac.

Step 7 – You can now hit the Google Play Store and sign up with your Google account.

Step 8 – Once signed in, you can browse through your favourite Android apps and games.


Step 9 – This is us playing the new N.O.V.A Legacy game on our Mac with Andy.

This is pretty much it! You should be able to play Android games and use other Android apps on your Mac now using Andy.

If there are any issues or something is not working at your side, please drop us a comment below and we will try to get it fixed for you as soon as possible.

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